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Seeking enlightenment

Unintentionally, your perception of yourself may not reflect who you really are. The ideas you have about yourself and life may be based on incorrect assumptions made as a child, including assumptions made by others. Are you absolutely sure that you are living as your true self? Do you feel confused or conflicted by your behavior and how you feel? Being who you really are does not involve an internal struggle. Why would it? It is effortless to be your true self. It is extremely challenging to live as someone you are not.

Finding enlightenment

What We Do

What We Do

The information we offer is found in short articles that we have written and are under the categories of Understanding Yourself, Emotional Growth, and Enlightenment. They provide insight and answers into many of the deeper questions that you may have about yourself and life and they are written in a very clear and accessible way.

Our Focus

Our Focus

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to see who we really are.  Every aspect of your life is affected by it.  When you are living as your true self, life is much simpler and easier.  Our focus is to help you.


Below are just some of the articles written by us. There are many more written about such subjects as overcoming fear, releasing the past, and becoming your true self. By understanding ourselves in a deeper way, we can live free of the behaviors and patterns that we don't want because we can see that it isn't who we really are.

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Truth is something we are all seeking. Why are we here, what are we meant for, what role in life do we have to play and what does it all mean? It seems we can never know the answers. Teachers may try to show us, anyone with a voice may claim the answers. But the real truth, the one that is true to you and your heart, lies within. It is not hidden nor forgotten, but it is with you every day of your life. It is what moves you and keeps you going, it is your hunger to know and find out that constantly pulls you forward. For what are we if we are not seeking truth on this earth? We are each meant for more than we can imagine; we are part of something and not solitary in our existence.

To lift ourselves up and ask and to seek what we do not know is to have the belief that there is more. And by this connection and belief comes the realization that there is truth all around us. Not only in ourselves, but in everything we do. Our actions and our way of being portray not only who we are but what we are meant for. Who you are today always has the capability to change, just as your way of thinking and how you behave can also change. We are all transitory, moving and creating our own world around ourselves.

What you choose to see is your own personal truth. How you relate to others is your belief in how this should be done. How you listen to yourself and respond is your guidance from within, it is your truth. When you realize this and come from a place of acceptance that each one of us is doing the same thing, relating from our own truths, you begin to see how we are all connected. We are neither sporadic in our thinking nor unrelated in our behaviors. In fact, large clumps of people behave rather the same way and believe it to be true. Although uniqueness shines through in each of us, there is a larger sum of related behavior, methods, and actions that people put to use. It is when one realizes this and sees for themselves what their truth is, purely for itself and not with learned behavior or conjecture, but the purity of one’s openness coming through that one can uncover and awaken their true being, their true self.

We are not meant to walk alone on this earth, separating ourselves from everyone. We are all truly connected in many ways. Beyond behavior lies the need to be so, to feel what is right and know the truth. The truth is we are all part of each other, all connected, all breathing the same air and living on the same planet. But it doesn’t stop there, amongst everything that exists there is a tie that brings us all together and it has the limitless capability for healing, helping you open up your senses and find peace. It starts with truly opening up from within so that you can reach that place of knowing not only your true self but your own truth of what you are meant for, the understanding of how to reach destiny. The more centered you are from within, the more you can open up to seeing the world as a unified whole and not as something divided. And from there we can begin to sense the connection and the bigger plan we are all meant to have, feel, and see in life.

Gain the answers to your questions so that you can clarify your journey in life. We, at Answers in Writing, can give you guidance and insight on how to let go of what has been holding you back and what will set you free.

See Your True Self

In order to see your true self and who you really are, you have to first let go of the idea of who you think you are. This can be a bigger block than you think, for we tend to protect this idea of ourselves and give it more meaning than it deserves. We often rule our lives by this idea of ourselves when the truth isn’t really there. Our true self flows easily in life, there are no inner battles, hardships, or parts of ourselves we do not like. The parts of ourselves that don’t fit come from the idea that we have of who we are. If we are our true selves, there are no parts that don’t fit. In fact, it is the complete opposite; it is like we finally make complete sense to ourselves.

To become your true self allows those habits, behaviors, or parts of yourself that you do not like to fall away, for they were only formed in response to your idea of who you were. All of these behaviors are obsolete, finite, and not permanent because they are not part of your true self. When you see your true self with clarity, those actions fall away; they are released because you are no longer conforming to something that is false. You are being your true self, and for once nothing is in the way, not any part of your old self; therefore, who you are and how you behave is all of you, and you will finally know true happiness and wisdom. There is a deep sense of peace that falls into place, for the inner struggle is gone. There is openness to be, to simply exist, because the heaviness of old behaviors and emotional issues are absent and are no longer a part of you. It is not necessary to act as you think you should, for in the long run this will only enable conflict within.

To let go of the constant trying, you can let yourself feel that what you are is the beginning to self-realization, your truth. To let go of the idea of yourself, to break away from the constant act of trying to become what you or what others see you as makes room for the real you. How do you find your true self? It begins by being truly honest with how you see yourself. It may feel like a difficult thing to do, to see that you may not be who you think you are, that it is only an idea that you have formed over your life. If you can let go of the idea that you hold of yourself and then open up to see yourself more clearly, especially the parts you do not like or are in conflict with, you can begin to see these as not real; they are not really a part of you and they actually never really were. If you look within, past the trying and the effort to maintain and protect yourself, and then deeper still to the place that truly feels like you, really you, and then from here look back at yourself, the life you’ve led, and all your plans, do they honestly feel true to you? You can feel the certainty of your answers if you are honest with yourself, without internal protection or hesitancy. It is good to do this as it will only help you in life. In fact, it will bring you closer to true happiness before the idea of you can. Because by living life as your true self, coming from a place that is right for you, you will find not only happiness in life, but happiness within.

It is possible to become your true self and find peace, to live every day as you are meant to. We, at Answers in Writing, know that we can truly help you with the answers to all your deepest questions so that you can become one with your true self and finally experience happiness.

Be In The Moment

There is nothing that is simpler or more important than being in the moment. It is trusting that what came before is over and what will come will exist only when it is there. To exist freely and solely in the exact moment of your existence not only opens the mind, but frees the soul. It lets your heart and who you are truly transcend the ordinary. It lifts you up and makes you capable of seeing not only your true self, but that of what exists around you. Being in the moment is more about reality than anything else, the freedom from conjecture and disharmony within. It lets loose fear, worry, anger, and many other obsolete emotional responses. It enables the mind to do what it does best, to interact with what is real. It opens the heart to the truth of your own existence and aligns your destiny with who you are. Not only does it do all of this, but it brings you to the place you are meant to be within, at peace.

To be in the moment, purely and nowhere else is to let go of everything, all your old behaviors and ways of doing things, all the baggage of the past and the fear for the future. One lets go of the struggle, the constant fight to be in charge and in control. When doing so you are not only able to find peace, but you can connect to and reach your destiny. For without your ego flying all over the place in random directions, you are constant, you are simply being where you are; therefore, you are being you, your true self. You are not being an idea of self or a projection of what you must be. All this falls away, for to be present is to let go of not only everything, but to be your true self. All this comes together the moment you release and no longer pull, no longer try to control. The moment you make the choice to exist with nothing else, but as you truly are and where you truly are, you will find a connection to enlightenment and uncover your true self. To be in the moment is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, it is not about restraining yourself or doing anything. It is only a conscious choice to connect and open up to the moment.

If we are uncentered or unbalanced, we are then somewhere else and that place is not real. It is as simple as that. By maintaining awareness to this, you allow all else to fall away and in time even that awareness becomes obsolete. When choosing not to follow the wandering mind you begin to see the waste of energy that is used to exist anywhere else other than where you are. It actually requires much less thought, less maintaining, and less energy to let go and simply be. To be present is to be you where you are, nothing else, nothing more. Let go then of the idea that it must be more or harder in some way, that you need to know how to move beyond something. In truth, to not be present in the moment is a much harder way to live and it can deeply affect our lives in a negative way. When you let go, you give up the struggle, the trying, and the act of working so hard at life. When you are present and in the moment, it all becomes clear - the truth, what is real, and who you are.

All the clues to your destiny are found by being in the moment. We, at Answers in Writing, can help you find the source of what has been pulling you into the past and give you understanding on how to move beyond it. You can then liberate yourself from the unnecessary act of creating struggle in your life, so you can experience true empowerment, happiness, and become one with your destiny.

Seeking Enlightenment

Enlightenment is reaching a place of knowing, of being present and of being at one with everything. It is about finding peace and reaching your destiny. It is about knowing your own personal truth and your place in the world. But above all it is a sense of oneness, of rightness with everything, your thoughts, emotions, your very being feeling complete, no emptiness or desire for more; it is to be at one in every way possible. This feeling, this heightened sense of oneness, comes not only from letting go but by seeking no more.

Enlightenment, in a sense, is an entitlement to each of us. It is in us and of us; therefore, it is already there. It is us who get in the way of being so, of seeing this truth for ourselves, for we are not meant to exist in a state of turmoil or confusion, but in a heightened sense of awareness and connection. Do you ever feel like the life you are living or how you live is empty, without purpose or drive? That even all you strive for and work at has no meaning? It can, if you shift the focus from ulterior to interior, you can find the right and clear path, the true destiny meant for you, your place in the world, and who you are meant to be.

To exist in a state of enlightenment is to choose to release all ideals, all forms of control, all sense that you are in charge, for when one believes they have the capability to be in charge, they are living a false life. To control anything is to exist outside of the moment. To transcend normal ways of thinking and living, to find enlightenment, is to release the idea that we must make something be a certain way. To release is to be free. To be free is to be in the moment, to be inside of the truth of reality. And it is here that one can find peace, for there are no illusions or portrayals of ideas, wishes, or dreams. Instead, it is your heart feeling what is true and your mind relating only to the moment.

Awareness grows when you are no longer distracted by other ways of living. By being centered and grounded in the moment there are no distractions, no motivations other than experience of the now. When we are in the now, the present moment, there is an overwhelming sense of being at ease, of relaxing into living, being present with nothing else other than where we are. Do you know how very little one exists in this state? It is always one or some other distraction, emotional or mental, drawing us away from the one element that can bring peace and that can share enlightenment with our being.

To seek outward is to distract yourself, to go inward is to know, but to let go of everything is to be grounded and present in the now; that is enlightenment. It may seem hard to let go of ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling, but it is harder yet to live a life clouded by the false reality of our choices. Choose then to be free, free of self and the illusion we mistake for truth. For our lives can be easy, filled with love, enjoyment, and peace. In fact we are entitled to live this way. By releasing you let go of what is holding you back not only from enlightenment but from the very enjoyment life has to offer, every day in every moment. Let go and experience the truth of what is real.

Your quest for detailed knowledge has led you here. We, at Answers in Writing, are here to give you guidance and advice on how to be in the moment, become centered, and reach enlightenment.

Destiny and Your True Self

Destiny is where we all belong, for it is our true self being where it should be, not hidden amongst life’s agendas or problems, but open to the truth of where we are meant to be. Destiny is your path and purpose in life; it is your calling and the best possible direction for your life. Have you ever wondered what your destiny might be, what you were meant to do, be with, where to live, and what your future means to you? All of this is tied together; all of it connected to you and your true self.

Who you are and how you live your life depends on how open you are to the truth of what is real. If you stay hidden behind plans and choices already made, you are deciding your own path. If you open up and let go of your own agenda, you give room for destiny to step in. The more open you are and the less you try to control things, you give what is real a chance to happen. To open up is to really lay down all you think is supposed to happen and how things should be in your life, even how you think you should be, for this is not true, but simply an idea that has been formed. Without the ideas or plans in the way, you allow the road to take you where it should, without always worrying about a destination or a map.

Destiny can override our own choices sometimes; we like to call this fate, and when we do call it this, we tend to go along with it. But what if you truly opened up and saw all the possibilities that may come as your fate, your destiny, and did not turn away because it didn’t fit in with your idea or plans. Behind those ideas is only a sense of control and we all know what it is like to struggle when things do not go our way, how hard it can feel, and how emotionally low it can bring us. This too is fate, destiny, stepping in to take us where we are meant to go. And the more you let go, the easier it gets, for you are no longer fighting between the idea and the truth. You can choose to follow your destiny or you can choose to hold on to old choices.

You could find peace and happiness faster by stepping out of your own way and letting your destiny lead the way. Do you ever come across truly happy people, people who seem to be at ease in their own life? These are the people who gave up on the struggle of trying to control what couldn’t be controlled. We are no more in charge of our own life than anything else. And the more one lets go, the easier it becomes, the sooner we find what we are meant for, and begin to live our very own destiny.

There is a clear path ahead of you. We, at Answers in Writing, can give you guidance so that you can truly reach your destiny and to no longer deny yourself peace and happiness in your life. The possibilities of your future are limitless. You can become one with your true self and your destiny.

Emotional Growth

There can be many moments in our lives when we suffer through something that feels monumental, something so big that we feel in order to heal we have to protect ourselves from it ever happening again. You know what this is like, whether a relationship, an incident or something that reaches far into your past, there are things we all hold onto. Because when we choose to protect ourselves we hold onto the memory, the emotional charge it carried and put a wall around it. By closing it off we protect ourselves from feeling it and keep it away. And yet by not letting it go we keep it as a constant reminder that it could happen again, the emotional pain could be replayed and brought back to us. It is a fear, a worry, a real emotion that blocks us from moving forward, from releasing how we felt.

Imagine the emotions related to the memory are boxed up within you. All the pain, fear, worry and struggle you had with dealing with what happened and you’ve taped it up, closed it off, both the memory and emotion attached to it. Now you’ve stored the box as a reminder that it could happen again and labeled it as fear because to you it is true. You’ve carried this box for years and any time you see anything similar to its contents you steer clear of it or relate to it with charged emotions based on that fear. But this box is old and often truly unrelated, for no two events are the same; nothing is ever replayed twice, except in memory. When you let go of the box, you let go of the emotional pain tied to the memory and can instead see all that comes as something new.

In order to truly experience healing, wellness, and wholeness, one must truly release and become free of how they look at the past. We are not meant to carry old events around, they can no longer teach us; in fact they inhibit emotional growth and any healing that might take place. To let go and to truly liberate your heart, mind, and soul is to believe you can be free, to set yourself first before your tragedy, and know you will be okay. Then everything that comes to you in the future has the possibility to be only itself and not an unconscious or conscious attempt to manifest your past again.

To move forward in life and to finally find peace and happiness is to stop dragging that box behind you. To trust that any fear you have was attached to that one moment and has no truth in your future. To discard your past is possible because often events fade. Moments are released if we let them go. Instead, live in the now, be in the moment, fresh and ready for what may come, and open to all its possibilities. That is truth and that is the best possible way to be. So instead of fearing the future and holding onto the past, walk away from the boxes you have stored away, be free to be who you really are, and the healing will follow because the lightness is there. No longer deny yourself the true enjoyment of life that you deserve. You will be free to be you, unbound by your past, and open emotionally to the future.

You have been seeking answers to so many questions that even therapy hasn’t helped truly clarify. We, at Answers in Writing, can give guidance and understanding on what has been holding you back and how to truly release it so that you can finally accept and experience healing and emotional growth.

Healing and Emotional Growth

When you have finally come to a place in life where you know you need to heal, to release something old and be free, it is vital you do so by opening up to the very beginning. In order to have emotional growth, to be without the pain or issue within, is to understand completely why it was there, why you were holding onto it, and what it caused in you. There can be a long trail; it may not be as simple as, “I feel this way because of that.”

We tend to overgeneralize our issues or our problems and never fully heal, for when we make them simple, we are not really looking at the truth and then may never truly heal. If you try to go back to when the feelings arose, to the beginning point, you may find it easily or it could be buried in a moment you have forgotten. If you can find it, realize it, and then come to understand how it began, then you can follow its trail to you in the present. You can see what it made you do, how it made you feel, and what responses it gave you.

Here is the easiest place to release and heal, for you can see the line, the event, the emotional response, and how it made you behave. But if it is buried and you honestly do not know the truth behind the pain, the responses, or the emotions, this is where you have to uncover and release as you go further back. It can take time and feel hard, but it is not, for you are simply reversing thoughts and emotions, finding the path that leads back to the beginning, that being the only place where you can heal. Again, do not assume the beginning and end fit as you think they should. Sometimes our behaviors are linked in different ways than those we expect.

Be honest and overlook your assumptions; let go of how you think you are and what you’ve done, with what you seek to heal. We can develop our loss, pain, or incidents into many responses and behaviors which makes it easy to see why we carry hurt with us for so long. Many of us do not know where to look so we accept it will always be there. But you can find the beginning, you can have peace in your life again, and you can let go of the pain and heal. Be kind to yourself and take your time to realize the truth behind your issue. Ask and be honest with your own answer because you really are not trying to hide from yourself, in truth you really do wish to let it go, to heal, change, and be free of what has been holding you back in life.

We, at Answers in Writing, want you to truly experience healing and emotional growth. We can help you see the truth of what is causing you to feel stuck in your life. You can then move forward and live your life from a place of peace and happiness.

Finding Peace By Being Centered

As we walk through life, we tend to feel the ups and downs far more than we should; we get led in different directions emotionally and mentally. We are not stable or centered when distracted by life; therefore, how we react is out of context and is not real to the issue or the moment. To be balanced within is to enable ourselves to constantly be at peace no matter what. To enjoy our lives and be happy whether the moment is hard or not. To be grounded, centered, and at peace is to feel who you really are, your true self, and to understand that you do not need to overreact or withdraw. Finding who you really are, your true self and being without internal struggle, is to be at peace and to find happiness.

By releasing inner turmoil, by remaining centered and present in the moment, there is no reason to fight anything or struggle against the reality of the moment. To stay grounded is to see the truth of what is happening without unleashing emotional responses or actions of the mind. To be able to see with clarity will allow you to react from a place of truth and allow you to be who you really are, true self, all the time. To be ungrounded is to respond from a false place, it is like it is not really you and you can feel it. Emotional responses to issues are developed in many ways internally, but by bypassing these and coming instead from who you really are, you will feel grounded and find peace within yourself.

Peace is a feeling that all is right, that there is no conflict internally or in how you see the world. Peace is a sense of oneness with everything; it is enjoyment, happiness, and being at ease. It is part of enlightenment; it is releasing the struggle and choosing instead to only be the truth of you exactly where you are. Being at peace within is not clouding over the issue by emotion or thought, but letting yourself see the truth of what it is. The moment, your path, and everything settles down. The emotional and mental ups and downs simply become what they really are, something created by an uncentered and ungrounded state. They are not really there, not truly part of life. If you could step back and look at your emotional and mental responses to the real issue, does it really feel right? Are you perhaps overreacting, does it really feel like you?

We can choose at any moment to be our true self, who we really are, to be grounded and present in our own life. And when we do, we feel what peace and happiness truly are. We are the ones keeping peace and happiness away; we are the ones making our own life difficult. By stepping back, staying present, and honestly looking at your thoughts and emotions, you can see the truth of the moment and remain who you really are. The roller coaster then straightens out and how you respond to life is even, it is real because you are being the real you, guided by yourself and not your emotions or thoughts. Here is where peace and happiness comes in, for by being centered you open up the space for what is real to flood in.

You can live your life as you are meant to, free of struggle and in a place of calm centered peace. We, at Answers in Writing, can give you the insight you seek about how to move beyond the emotional and mental blocks you have had so that you can liberate your heart, mind, and soul.

The Connection We All Seek

The connection we all seek, to be part of something, connected to others, to feel loved, and to belong is real. It is part of our makeup and the desire is evidence that we have lost it. Not that we have lost love, but that we have lost the one thing that keeps us all together and that feels powerful enough to bring peace. Connection is a real thing, it is us being part of something bigger, being part of everything. Without this connection we feel empty, like something is absent and we search for it in many different ways and forms.

Who we are is connection, for we are connected to truth, the source of everything, each other, and all the ways of being that are there. Connection is us feeling the truth behind everything else; without it we are not only empty within, but sad about what is missing. It is what links us all, every living thing, together. Imagine the happiness of feeling the magnitude of no longer being alone but at one with everything? Without this feeling we are stranded in a world of others seeking the same thing but never fully finding it, for we are all looking in the wrong place.

Connection is not outside of us but within us. It does not come by knowing others, by pretending to feel it, but it is deep within. It is always there and always a part of you; although, it may be buried, hidden, and overlooked by all that happens in life and how you feel. When you give up the quest to find love on the outside, when you instead seek for peace from within, you give yourself a chance to feel and see what it is like. To be connected is to know where you belong and how it feels to no longer feel empty. Again, this comes from within. It is behind all that surrounds us and part of your true being; it is there and part of you.

To connect to this feeling, to be part of it, is to let go of the idea it has to come from outside of you. You are capable of finding it within, to see for yourself what it is and feels like. It alleviates a lot of the anguish you have for your future, for to connect to your higher self, to become this aware and in tune with who you are and how it really feels, is to let go of the struggle of forever seeking elsewhere. This feeling and understanding is there inside of you. By letting yourself open up and allowing yourself to let go of all pretenses, you can find its source, you can find where you belong, and again feel connection and love. There is no reason to ever feel alone again. Remind yourself what you truly need is already there within you and connect to it.

We, at Answers in Writing, are here to give you guidance on how to let go of what is causing you to feel separate and alone and to help you connect to yourself and all that is around you. You are meant to fully experience enlightenment and peace in your life. Allow this moment to be the beginning.

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