About Us

Zoe and I both had careers that we enjoyed.  I was an acupuncturist and she was an artist.  But we both knew that there was something more, that we weren't really being who we truly were.  Not in just what we were doing, but in how we felt, behaved, and perceived everything.  So we both chose to turn our focus on ourselves, and that is what we did for a very long time.

We had many experiences that taught us far more than we would have expected.  We learned about ourselves of course, but we also really began to see how life was for everyone.

What became clear was that people were making permanent decisions about life, who they were, and how they would live their life based on their perception of even the smallest events of their childhood and adolescence.   They would then find evidence to support their decisions, adding more issues to their incorrect perception of themselves and life. An example would be a child being told they were shy by some acquaintance of their parents because for a moment they felt unsure of the situation.  Rather than the acquaintance seeing that it was just a momentary event, they inadvertently influence the child's self-image. And the child, in their naive outlook, sees this as true and believes it for the rest of their lives. This is built upon as they grow and can cause an increase in the severity of the issue or additional issues being formed from it. And this is just one event. Imagine all the decisions made about who you are in one year as child. Can a small child correctly determine who they are with such a limited understanding of life? Yet people permanently decide who they will be from this point of view. Instead of living a life based on misperceptions and misunderstandings, it is extremely necessary to reconsider the view you have of yourself. Is everything you think about yourself based on reality, is it absolutely true? Holding onto ideas about yourself that are not true leads to internal conflict and confusion throughout your life, which of course branches out into relationships and every other part of your life. You have the ability to let this idea of yourself go and finally live as who you are. We both hope that something on this site will help you, and we will continue to add more information for you.  


True Self and Destiny

When we come to realize who we really are, our true self, and when we open up to the reality of our chosen destiny, we begin to live not only a life that belongs to us, but to live a life that is complete. We belong to something greater than our own chosen ideas of who we must be. Whether you think your life is exceptional or are just going through life, are you really living the one life you are meant for? How do you find this, what must you do in order to see yourself, your true self, more clearly? It is about opening up; laying down the clutter and confusion we place on ourselves. Putting away the pressure and ideals we live by and then instead remaining present and focused internally on who we really are.

Have you ever fully asked yourself what you want and remained present long enough to hear the answer? Minds drift, thoughts float so it is important to feel what is real and what you really have to say. What you want without the constraints of your ideas may shock you and may not fit in with your plans. It is not about completely shifting your path in life, although for some it may be. It is about listening within and starting to open up to the possibilities that there is more in life for you.

By truly listening to yourself and staying present within you can feel your true self and what you really want and need in your own life. If it doesn’t match with the way you’ve been living, perhaps it is time for a change, to release the ideals of how you’ve been living so far. Allow the room for life to fit with how you truly wish it was. Open up to believing that it can be that way and keep yourself open to it; let your destiny find you and lead you down the right path. First by understanding yourself, your true desires, and then by letting what fits find you. We can all become our true selves and find our destiny. It is not hidden, but present every day in our lives. By being open, honest, and ready to see the possibilities we allow it to happen.

We, at Answers in Writing, can help you connect and become one with your true self and your destiny. You can live your life the way you are meant to, in a state of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Knowledge of Empowerment

Empowerment is being aware of all of your abilities and not letting yourself think otherwise or forget what you truly are. Often, we overlook our capabilities; instead focusing on what things about ourselves we think we would be better off without. The important thing to remember is balance, to not overlook our strengths, our differences, that make us unique therefore special in this world. Every part of ourselves has potential, has the ability to grow, change, and evolve. When we come from a place of dissecting ourselves with frustration, pointing out internal faults, we are forgetting the bigger picture, who we really are. We add up to more than just generalizations.

We are a special truth known only to us and when we hold this back, instead of releasing it into the forefront; it is easy to see why all we can see is our faults. Each one of us has strengths, has the ability to become who we really are. This is empowerment. It is seeing the truth for ourselves, believing in who we are and understanding, with honesty, all of our qualities.

What is it that is special and unique about you; what do you feel is your best quality? Perhaps there are many or perhaps you can only think of a few, but the reality is that you are made up of far more good than you think. Let yourself become empowered by focusing on these good, these potentially outstanding, qualities you have inside. Let your frustration with faults go, let yourself be the truth of you by being your best self instead. This helps by simply focusing on what is you, your best, the parts of yourself you are proud of, enrich these, lift these up, for they are you. It is not important to give meaning to what you are not, but it is incredibly vital to know and share the best of you.

Empowerment comes from inside, it is an internal shift to accept yourself for who you are and to then find the pride in what makes you special, to know that your uniqueness belongs to only you. Now, can you imagine what can you do with it, where will it take you, and where will your life lead you? Be empowered, believe in yourself, and lift up your strengths from within, for they belong on the forefront; they are the best of you.

We, at Answers in Writing, can give you the guidance and insight you need to know and understand who you really are, your true self. Learn how to move beyond all that is holding you back so that you can live at your highest potential.