Accepting Yourself For Who You Are

Sometimes we imagine we should be something other than what we are. We think that who we are is not enough or wrong. We compare ourselves to others and imagine that they have it all figured out; that they are correct or living as they should. Do we ever really look at ourselves in this way? Do we see ourselves from a place of complete acceptance? We often judge ourselves by what we are not. In order to live your life fully, you must come to a place of complete acceptance for who you are. Imagine living life not from a place of discontent, but from a place of self-worth and satisfaction.

We hold ourselves back when we do not fully accept ourselves for who we are. Imagine not comparing yourself to anyone else. Instead, live your life as you are and be happy in how you see yourself. Life is not about comparing, judging, or altering who we are to fit in. Life is about coming from a clearer place within. When we accept ourselves, we open ourselves up to more. We begin to understand who we are because we are not trying to change what we are. Acceptance is about letting go of the idea that you must be something other than what you are. Imagine looking at yourself for where you are now and seeing with clarity everything you are, not everything you are not. What do you see and how do you feel? Look at yourself as a person that is meant to live this life as they really are.

Imagine not seeing yourself from a place of doubt, fear, or worry. Imagine being who you are and enjoying it. All of this can happen when you let go of thinking that you are not enough or that you should be more. By accepting yourself as you are, you begin to see the real you. You are no longer hiding within because you think you should change. Being yourself and accepting who you are gives you the room to enjoy and love life. Do not look at yourself from a place of what you imagine others might think. Rather, see yourself from a place of acceptance.

We are the only ones who can truly accept ourselves. Others will come and go. They will not provide the true confidence we need to be ourselves. When you believe in who you are, you will always be okay. When you accept yourself always, you will never feel less, unworthy, or without confidence. Acceptance plays the biggest role in our self-worth. By accepting yourself completely, you are letting go of the idea that you are not enough. All of this ties together and the easiest step to seeing who you really are is to believe that you are what you should be. Accept yourself and wake up to the real you.

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