The Alternative Method To Weight Loss

Many of us are overweight because we do not understand how to find the balance between food and our body. We are existing without being aware of our needs or our bodies. We do not listen to our bodies because we have lost the connection to it. That is why we do not understand how to lose weight or how to eat. But you do know how to eat and what your body needs when you reconnect to yourself. You are not alone with this problem for many many people have lost the connection to themselves when it comes to eating. Why? It is mostly because food is used for other reasons than for nourishment.

What one needs to understand is that the knowledge on how to eat for your body is already within you. We are all born with this knowledge. As very young children, we ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were full. We did not overeat or eat when we were not hungry. The connection was there when we were young; we understood how it worked. In fact, we never thought about it. When we got older, most of us lost this connection to ourselves and our bodies, and therefore we become overweight.

You can look inward for answers, for no one knows your needs or your body more than you do. What our body needs daily changes constantly and individually our needs are different. That is why a strict generalized diet can never really work in the long run. You know this and can feel this once you make the connection again. When you look inside and begin to trust your instincts like when you were a child, you will find the connection. A child eats only the food it truly desires and then stops eating when it feels satisfied. A child only eats when it is hungry. This is what we need to connect to again. We still have this ability; we just sometimes choose not to listen to ourselves or have forgotten how.

If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to listen to yourself and your body once again. This awareness is easy to find. Let your body lead you instead of your emotions or your mind. Sometimes we eat because we think we should because it is that time of day, even though we may not be hungry. If you are not hungry, your body does not need food. Eat only when your body signals it needs nourishment. That is your bodies cue to you. This is what a child listens to. Sometimes we overeat for emotional satisfaction or because something tastes good. We eat for reasons other than hunger. This is not what our bodies want. We need to listen to our bodies first instead of responding to our minds or our emotions.

Our body already knows what it would like to eat. If we listen to those cravings first, we will feed our body exactly what it desires. If we do not feed ourselves what we need, we will not feel satisfied. The more often you are aware of your body and its desires, the stronger your connection to it and the more you understand what it needs, wants, and desires. We are not lost when it comes to what we need; we have just forgotten how to be connected. The most important thing you can do is listen to your body before you respond to your thoughts or emotions when it comes to food. It can help to ask yourself what you are responding to. Is it just your body’s desires or are you listening to something else? When you listen to only your body, eat when you are hungry, eat what it desires, and stop eating when you are satisfied, you will lose weight because you are providing exactly what you need and nothing else. You do not need to starve or control yourself, just listen. Our bodies need different things at different times. Try not to control your portions, options, or time schedule; let it all be open and really listen to your body. Trust yourself because you can find the right direction for your eating habits again. You have the knowledge and the understanding once you tap into the awareness you already have.

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