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Releasing the Past

Learning To Forgive
Forgiveness is the key factor in letting go of all that holds us back. If we can understand this and have the ability to truly forgive, then nothing stands in our way.

How To Let Go Of Everything
Letting go is the most vital thing that you can do. If there is anything you should focus on in life, it is this, for it not only lets you be as you are, free of anything holding you back, but it is limitless in its ability to open you up.

How To Forgive Yourself and Let Go Of Regrets
Forgiving yourself for things you've done may be more important than you think. For we usually only think of others, that we should forgive them, but do we forgive ourselves? Do we forgive our regrets, our past, and what we have done?

How To Let Go Of The Weight Of Your Past
Letting go of your past can seem like a hard thing to do; it can feel like we are stuck with it. Our choices, our mistakes, our regrets, and our memories can all seem like a big ball and chain weighing us down. How are we supposed to move on with all that weight, with all those memories holding us down?

Getting Past Regret and Failure
We think the longer we hold onto something and regret it, the more we can change it. That by thinking about it, we can alter what was. This of course isn't the case, and we probably don't realize this is what we are doing.

Releasing Your Old Self
Releasing our old selves is as important as the transformation we have come through. In order to fully understand this, one must first realize that our old self is not really connected to us as so much as we are connected to it.

Letting Go Of Painful Memories
How often do you fixate on something from your past that meant a lot to you, and it was good, or even wonderful? These are the moments we understand, and so we let them go. They fit in with how we see life and so the puzzle is complete. But some moments in our past do not fit or coexist with how we see life; therefore, we hold onto them. Absently or on purpose, we are constantly calling them forward to be reevaluated.

How To Stop Fixating On Your Past
Moving forward in our lives and letting go can seem like a hard thing to do. There always seems to be one thing we can't let go of, something we focus on and are attached to. Whether it occurred yesterday or years ago, the effect can still be felt if we are still attached to the event and its meaning.

Healing Your Heart
When we feel hurt or are emotionally damaged, the first thing to go is the openness in our heart. We close ourselves off to the outside world and to any more hurt that could come to us.

How To Let Go
When we keep ourselves stuck in our past, which is any moment that we are no longer in, we stop our progress forward and we hold ourselves back from living life. We may know all of this and still find ourselves unable to let go.

Letting Go Of Guilt
We often carry guilt, and it eats away at us until we accept what happened and let it go. The only thing that can be accomplished or taken care of is what you can do now.

Releasing Your Past
When life brings us struggle or hard moments it is easy to hold onto them, to not release them, and thus carry our past forward with us.

How To Be Free Of Your Past
We believe that our past is a makes up our identity; we believe that we are who we are today because of it. We believe that our past is what controls us. This is not so because as soon as we walk into the next moment and breathe our next breath, our past is gone.

Learning To Heal
Learning how to heal and being able to do so can seem like such a large idea, for our emotions and mind tend to hold onto moments that affect us strongly. Healing means letting go; it means releasing that which altered us, and along the way learning to accept it and even forgive it.

Surviving Traumatic Events
After we go through something that is traumatic, we may still be experiencing it in our minds, bodies, and hearts. Even though the moment has passed, we may still be carrying the trauma with us. In order to heal from that which we experienced, we have to let go of its effect or we will forever be carrying it with us, and we could possibly develop issues because of it.

Peace and Happiness

How To Become Happy
We all want this, to feel happy and be content in life. What is it that is keeping us away from this feeling, from living this way?

Let Go and Be Happy
If we are trying so hard and are so concerned about what may be or is at the moment, are we ever really relaxed, are we ever really comfortable with where we are or how we are? And if not, is this a good way to live?

What Is Happiness?
Happiness seems like an illusion. We search for it, perhaps attain it, and yet, far too quickly, it seems to disappear.

How To Find Happiness Again
This moment, now, is the one we need to look at, and yet so few people do. We instead focus on what was or will be, never looking closely at where we are at the moment. So if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your life today, do you assume you are stuck, that it is your fate? Can it change, do you think it can? This is important. If you feel stuck and believe it, then, for all intents and purposes, this is how you will live your life. If you think, even for a moment, that something else is possible, then you have just opened a door.

Finding Peace Right Now
Finding peace is about letting go; it is about releasing the struggle against life and finding acceptance. Peace is not something that is unobtainable or even something to work at.

How You Can Change your Attitude
Changing our attitude can help us to see the world differently; it can alter our day and help us experience life in a new way.

Enjoy Life And Be Happy
Learning to let go so you can enjoy life and be where you are is very important because it allows you to be present and engaged in what is real. This gives you the space and openness to find happiness no matter where you are or what is happening in your life.

Find Peace and Happiness
Peace and happiness exist when we are living fully in the present and let everything else go; when we accept what we cannot change and let go of control.

How To Be Centered and Grounded
Often in life we are distant from ourselves and are easily overwhelmed. We look at life as an obstacle or something to be taken on, and it all feels harder than it should be. Everything we experience in life could be different if we were centered and grounded.

Fear and Worry

Living Without Fear
Most of us live with some sense of fear in our life. We fear death, what we do not know, how we might be treated, what others think of us, it could be anything, but it is based on fear. Why do we live in this state when it does us no good? What benefit can come from basically fearing what we do not know, understand, or cannot control?

How To Release Fear
Whether it is something that happened in our past, present, or could happen in our future, if we do not understand it, we fear it. There can be a deeper understanding of the things we fear. We can find out what causes it and understand ourselves in a better way.

Letting Go Of Anxiety and Fear
Sometimes we carry a sense of anxiety and fear around with us. You know that sense, that feeling, in the back of your mind that you can't quite let go of, that feeling of unease that simply won't go away. So how do we overcome that feeling, that irrational reaction, and let it go?

Fearing The Future
When we look too far into the future, we are seeing with our imaginations, our fears, our expectations, or our desires. What we are not seeing is the truth.

Letting Go of Fear
Letting go of fears can seem like a very hard thing to do. As with all in life, things are as hard as we make them.

Problems Sleeping Due To Stress and Worry
Like many people, we often keep ourselves up at night thinking and replaying events over and over in our minds. We let our minds become so intertwined with our fears and worries that we lose sleep. The stress within our bodies can keep us up because we cannot relax enough to sleep soundly.

Fear Of Change
We can view change in our life as threatening because we do not know the outcome. Or we can view change for what it is, the process of life. We cannot escape change because it is all around us. Our lives, the people around us, and even who we are as a person are undergoing changes constantly.

Overcome Fear
Fear is irrational because it comes from seeing life as repetitious and as an obstacle. There is true freedom in life, except when we live from a place of fear. When one chooses to look at life with fear in our hearts or minds, we are seeing the world as something that is against us.


Letting Go of Control to Find Peace
We all know, at least in some way, that we cannot control everything. It seems evident right? But we very often forget this and get lost in our effort to maintain control.

Accept Change and Let Go Of Control
We live with the perception that what is happening in our lives is somehow under our control. But is it really? What happens when this supposed control ceases; how do we feel? We all know this feeling, that sense that what is going on doesn't relate to us in the way it should. We are miserable because we have lost that feeling, that safe, easy, manageable feeling of being in control.

Control Issues
How we relate to the world has a lot to do with our happiness. When we try to control the things around us, we are failing to relate in a way that allows us be happy and at peace within our own lives.

Why You Need To Be In Control
When we feel like we have lost control, we often attempt to regain it. When we fail, we feel a deep loss and our anxiety starts to build.

Fear and Control
Fear comes from the idea that we need to be in charge and in control of our life. We fear what we cannot control.


Why Do We Get Frustrated or Mad?
Does the way you feel really reflect what is going on or have you overblown what is real so that you can feel the way you want to feel?

Letting Go Of Your Anger
Anger serves no purpose, other than to show you how you feel. How you really feel underneath the anger is what is important.

When We Become Annoyed
What do we do when things annoy or bother us? Usually, we tend to overreact and try to control it or eliminate it, and if we can't, we become upset. The real issue here is not how to deal with the problem, but why it is a problem to us.

How To Deal With Angry and Negative People
Negative people often want others to see and understand them; they want others to validate their responses to life.

Grief and Loss

How To Let Go Of Grief
Grief is an overwhelming sense of despair coupled with a loss; a loss so big that one's hope disappears when it is needed most. For in order to let go of grief, one needs to not only have hope again, but to see the possibilities within life.

Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One
We may fear that if we stop feeling the pain, we will lose them and our memory of them. But we cannot keep ourselves locked into the moment, even if it feels like we have to stay there to remember them. We are not losing them if we choose to let go. We love them, even if we let go of the pain.

Sadness and Depression

Living Without Depression
Life is not against us, but we may feel this way; that is why we are trying to protect ourselves from it and why we end up feeling depressed.

How and Why To Be Free Of Sadness
Many people see sadness as something they are stuck with because it is so overwhelming. Sadness can overtake you or you can overcome it.