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What Does Enlightenment Mean?
The idea of enlightenment seems complicated, but only because we do not know what it really means or how it is done. We imagine hardship and sacrifice because we think it is necessary, but this is not so; you can become enlightened now, where you are, and with what you have.

Reaching Enlightenment
By becoming our true self, enlightenment is reachable. Who we are internally is already enlightened, but we have covered ourselves up with another way of being.

Become One With Everything
We shelter ourselves to the point of distress, unhappiness, and loneliness. We are not meant to live this way, feeling confined and separate, for out in the world resides a greater connection that we can all have. Not only can we connect more thoroughly with ourselves and who we are, but we can connect with everything.

Enlightenment and Truth
Enlightenment is about finding truth in our being. It is about seeing the world for what it really is.

Understanding Yourself Is Enlightenment
Understanding yourself is about reaching enlightenment, for when you fully understand who you are, you can then understand the bigger picture. Not only are you seeing yourself clearly, but you also understand the world around you in a new way because of the clarity you possess.

Find Enlightenment
We tend to think enlightenment is only available to those who sacrifice or leave behind parts of their lives. We do not think we can become enlightened unless we give up the way we live or dramatically change who we are. This is not so, for enlightenment is available to everyone.

True Self

Live Life As The Real You
When we feel empty, alone, without, or incomplete in some way, that is the lack of ourselves we are feeling. It is not what we are missing on the outside, but rather what is at a loss on the inside.

Connecting To Your True Self and The World
What is it that keeps people weighed down and without hope? For most people it is because they have lost the connection to their own lives and all that surrounds them.

Open Up To Your True Self And Destiny
Being who you really are in life is part of living your destiny. Your true self and your destiny are so interconnected that they exist with each other, not alone. We cannot live the life we are destined for if we are not our true self.

Reaching Your Full Potential And Your True Self
Reaching your full potential in life is about seeing yourself clearly. Who we are is not just a presentation of self or how we act and behave, for it goes further than this.

True Self and Your Destiny
When you are on the right path and living your destiny, then you are coming from a place that is your true self. They are so interconnected that you cannot fully live one without the other.

Perception and Truth
The truth is often overlooked because we want to make sense of what we feel and think. This can be hard way to live, for we are not living with what is real.

Be In The Moment

Being In The Moment
Existing in the moment requires nothing more than allowing yourself to be there. We take ourselves away from where we are constantly, either in our minds or in our emotions.

How To Clear Your Mind
We need to find balance and an inner calm in order to be present and to deal with all moments.

Letting Go To Be In The Moment
Life is an event we can be part of or something we can find ourselves distracted by. Letting go of what your life is, is like releasing the tension around it, releasing the stress, the doing, the acting, all so you can instead be.

Existing In The Moment
Existing in the present, in the now, is perhaps the single most important thing you can do. It allows you to not only be present with what is really happening in you and around you, but it helps you to let go of the struggle with life that so many of us have.


Finding Happiness By Living Your Destiny
Finding your destiny, how do we know what this means? We assume it means we will do what we are meant to do. But are we really only meant to do one thing? Is there not more, an endless variety of things that are meant for us that would make us happy? For is that not the point of finding our destiny, finding happiness, fulfillment and peace in life? If that is not it, then what is the point? What I mean is, the point of life is to become fulfilled, at peace, and happy, endlessly so. And not in a mediocre way, but really truly happy, for that is what we are meant for, to exist in a way that is endlessly satisfying, and being grateful to be alive, to partake of it all.

Finding Meaning In Your Life
It is not just about finding our place in life that gives it meaning. Meaning in our lives comes not from others, but from ourselves.

Find and Understand Your Destiny
Our destiny is our path in life, the road we are meant to walk down and exist on. Sometimes we get lost and do not know the way. We get distracted by other things and other ways of being, and end up living a life that is unrelated to who we really are.

Finding Your Purpose
By looking within, you access your own information, not an idea from somewhere else, but what you already know.

Open up To Experience Your Life
We are here to experience what matters to us the most, to live the lives that connect to us and help us grow. By being aware of our choices and seeking the path that unites us with our destiny, we can live as we are meant to.

Purpose To Life
Finding your purpose is not just about finding the right job or anything else; it is about living the best life you can, the one you are meant for and makes you the happiest.

Living Your Destiny
Destiny is really about what you are meant for, where you belong as a person, and who you really are. It is everything you are meant to experience that furthers your growth; it carries you forward in your own personal progress.


Becoming Centered
Sometimes we feel unbalanced within our lives; like we are a spectator and have no control over our thoughts or our feelings. We think our actions come from our situations and not ourselves.

Finding Peace Without Struggle
We would all like to live peaceful lives free of struggle and hardship; yet we often find ourselves without either because peace is tied to the release of struggle.

Find Balance In Life
Balance in life comes from doing what we are meant to do. A natural form of balance evolves around us when we are part of the destiny we are meant for.

Clarity and Peace

Reaching Clarity And Peace
Becoming clearer in life is letting go of everything; it is opening yourself up to the truth that there are no obstacles, struggles, behaviors, or anything else holding you back.

Staying Clear In The Moment
Clarity comes from staying present and grounded within all moments. You will see yourself more clearly when you are not emotionally or mentally distracted.

Gaining Clarity On Life
How we see the world not only affects how we interpret what happens around us, but it changes what we experience. When we are clear enough to see the truth of what is happening around us, life becomes much easier.