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Personal Growth

Changing Yourself
How do we start the change we want to see in ourselves? Usually, we know we are doing something wrong, or that there are parts of ourselves we do not like. What do we do with this, and how do we change? This is a very important question, and one that has many answers. For when we want change, we are already acknowledging our faults, our habits, and ways of being that don't feel right to us. We are no longer avoiding what is wrong, or what we do not like about ourselves. This is good, for acknowledgment is half the battle; it is this that opens up space to letting it go.

Personal Growth
Life is full of possibilities, knowledge to be gained, awareness to be found, and a self to know even better. When we choose to learn, we gain so much more of the experience that is life.

Can You Change?
We can all see certain things in ourselves we would like to change: habits, behaviors, ways we do things or how we respond to life.

Letting Go Of What We Think We Are
Learning how to let go in life can be an essential skill. It is one we all need to learn, for far too often we hold onto things which harm us and hold us back.

You Can Change
Often in life, we think we are stuck with what we are. This makes it easy to ignore our issues, problems, or tendencies and overlook our behavior. We believe that whatever manifests itself in us is there to stay. But this is not so, for nothing in life is stationary, stuck, or unchangeable, especially you.

Letting Go Of Bad Behaviors
We all do things in our lives that don't make sense to us, but we do them anyway. There are certain behaviors we have, ways we respond that might seem normal to us, but in reality are our way of coping with something. What this means is how we are and what we do is not always the real us.

How To Feel Connected
Connection is the thing that not only binds us to one another, but lets us find peace. It enables us to stop seeing the world, others, our life as something that opposes us.

Accepting Yourself For Who You Are
We often judge ourselves by what we are not. In order to live your life fully, you must come to a place of complete acceptance for who you are.

How To Change and Let Go Of Old Patterns
We all know what it is like to feel stuck and unable to change. Even if it is something we wish we no longer did, it can seem hard to figure out why it happens and how one can let it go.

How To Quit A Habit
Quitting a habit requires seeing the habit as something that doesn't have a hold over you, but something you are in fact holding in your hand. We have the choice and always the will to let go of whatever we need. It is our idea that we can't that holds us back.

How To Achieve Personal Growth
Personal growth means letting go and changing old behaviors so that who you are is the real you. It is letting go of the issues you may have in your own life so that you are free to be what you are with nothing holding you back.

Finding Yourself

Your Perception Of Yourself and The Truth
Sometimes we imagine ourselves as different than what we really are. We think we are one way, at least we picture ourselves as this, and yet in reality we do not fit this picture.

See The Real You
We all know that how we perceive things basically makes them so. If we see a situation as hard, it sure will feel this way. If we view our life as a struggle, we will look for ways to validate this. Our perception changes our reality. it alters our experiences, and inhibits or propels us forward in life. One of the most important aspects of our perception we need to look at is how we see ourselves, and not just in broader terms, but in the small details as well.

Letting Go Of Our Ideas Of Self
Often, we decide who we are and who we will be without thought of our real selves. We program ourselves into being a certain person, with certain characteristics and behaviors. This internal processing and control inhibits our growth and closes us off from our real selves.

Finding Your True Self
When we are caught up in things that do not matter, we are not existing as our true form. Any emotional drama comes from us not being who we really are. Any thought process that distracts us, worries us, or pulls us away from life is not a thought process from our true self, for who we really are underneath all of this is someone that is at ease in life, that welcomes everything, and understands who we are.

See Yourself For Who You Really Are
Seeing yourself for who you really are is about letting yourself find the true you. We all have a part of us that lies hidden underneath the person we think we are.

Finding Yourself
Finding yourself is about emptying out the ideas, the foundation of who you think you are, so that you can reside in life as you really are.

Be and Feel Empowered
When we think less of ourselves, we are only harming who we are. When we believe that others are better than us, we are giving them a false identity, for all people, no matter their background, upbringing, or place in life, are equal.

Existing As Your True Self
Existing as your true self is living with the world as you are meant to. It is living your life from a place that is connected to your purpose, a place that resonates deeply within you.

How To Reclaim The Real You
How do you reconnect to the real you when life has pushed you so far away from where you started?

Letting Go So That You Can Be You
We all need to find a way to let go of what is holding us back and preventing us from reaching our true selves.


How To Let Go Of Stress
When we feel stress, we bottle it up. We encapsulate it in an effort to manage it. We do not release it, for if we did, the tension we feel wouldn't be there. Any moment in life may be perceived as stressful, especially taking into consideration of how much stress we are already holding onto.

How To Stop Feeling Tense
First, we realize we are tense and that this isn't us, not the real us anyway. We do not need to claim this tension and keep it; therefore, we can release it. The release is easy, don't tell yourself otherwise.

Dealing With Stress
Stress is a side effect of not accepting what is happening around you or within you. Stress is caused by seeing life as a battle, as something to be fought.

Living Without Stress In Your Life
Sometimes our tension builds up; we feel it escalate with even the slightest amount of stress. We feel overcome by it, even during times when we feel like we shouldn't feel stressed at all.

How To Relax
Learning how to relax in your life is one of the biggest keys to feeling happy, content, and fulfilled. If we cannot relax or find a way to be at ease with where and how we are, then we will never find ourselves in a space that is okay.

Learning To Relax and Be Present
Life can feel overwhelming because we are not present or in a state that is relaxed. When we lose our place in the present, we gain nothing but further inner turmoil.

Freedom From Stress and Worry
We all know what it is like to feel stressed or worried about something; we feel heavy, bothered, and unable to concentrate or be in the moment. If we could accept life, ourselves, our world, and whatever the future may be, then stress and worry would fall away.

Letting Yourself Relax
In certain moments, we can become tense, and afterwards we usually don't release the stress, tension, or the emotions that we felt. When we do this, we are not allowing ourselves to relax, even when we are in moments where we could be.


Fighting Certain Moments In Your Life
Understanding your situation can feel hard and it can be very confusing on how to get a grip on why something is happening to you or why it won't change.

Why Does Life Feel Hard?
Life is not against us, nor are we working against life. Even if it seems this way, even if all seems wrong or not how it should be, life is not hard. What we need to do is stop thinking this way, for our perception changes our reality and how we perceive our life.

How To Be Free Of Struggle
Life itself is not a battle, and when we come to accept it for what it is, no matter the situation, it becomes easier. When we let go of how we perceive ourselves, who we are and what we think we are meant for, we become part of life instead of being separate from it. What this means is that by letting go of how we think we have to be or become, we let ourselves be our true self which is not the controlled, manipulated self we usually live as.

Live Life As You Are Meant To
Finding that place within yourself that feels okay, at ease, and comfortable in life is so important because from this place life is as it should be. You are part of life in a way that is fulfilling and complete. How one finds this place is not a step-by-step process; rather, it is a transformation. It is seeing the world differently than what you are used to.

How To Accept Life
Acceptance in life plays such a large role in our happiness. Very few of us realize how little we accept life.

Living Life Without Struggle
Living life without struggle is about changing your perception of what life is. Life is really not a battleground of endless moments to survive or fight your way through.

Connecting To Life
When we open up to seeing the world as something we belong to and are no longer separate from, life becomes easier.

Opening Up To Acceptance
Acceptance is a powerful way of being; it not only represents letting go of struggle, but you are existing in a more balanced way with life.

Getting Along With Your Co-Workers
We cannot always choose the people we work with, and therefore we have to find a way to relate to them that makes our experience with them easier during the day.


Reason Behind Overeating
Overeating is a tool and a habit we have developed in order to balance our lives in some way. We do it for many different reasons and we tend to not to realize why.

The Alternative Method To Weight Loss
Many of us are overweight because we do not understand how to find the balance between food and our body. We are existing without being aware of our needs or our bodies. We do not listen to our bodies because we have lost the connection to it. That is why we do not understand how to lose weight or how to eat. But you do know how to eat and what your body needs when you reconnect to yourself.

Intuitive Eating
Intuitive eating is about feeling what your body desires, not from your mind or from your emotions, but from a place that seeks nourishment. Our bodies crave different substances at different times and intuitively know what they need.

Losing Weight Without Dieting
We can lose weight when we stop eating for reasons beyond nourishing our body. Our body needs food, it needs nourishment, and it needs to feel satisfied with what we give it. When we eat for emotional or mental satisfaction, we are not feeding our bodies; we are feeding a problem.


Finding Yourself Inside Of A Relationship
Sometimes when we are with someone, we may find it hard to grow and expand who we are and who we wish to become.

Struggle In Relationships
Struggle within a relationship exists when we are not seeing each other clearly. Instead, we are seeing each other from our own perspective and not one that is true. We are relating from either an emotional place or from a place which is based on our thoughts.

Finding True Love
We can believe this and hope for this, but still in the back of our minds not truly believe it could happen for us. When we do this, we are closing a part of ourselves off from what could happen.

Friendship and Connection

Relating To People When You've Changed
In life, as we grow and change we may find old relationships do not grow with us. People may keep relating to us as if we were still the same person we were in the past and not by who we are now.

Connect and Make Friends
We may feel like it is hard to meet new people; that we cannot find others to connect to that are similar to us. There are so many people out there, and yet meeting just one person that fits you seems impossible. We feel this way because we are holding ourselves back. We are not trying to engage with others because we are afraid of not being accepted.

How To Fit In
The idea behind fitting in leads one to think that we must be different in order to merge with others; we must alter who we are so that others accept us. The problem with this outlook is that the world then becomes full of people changing who they are to fit in.

Finding Connection When Lonely
Loneliness is not so much about who you know and what you do every day, as it is about the connection you can have internally to yourself and then to the world.


Understanding Family Members
Our families are a tight unit of interrelationships that are under constant development. When we realize this and see it for what it is, we can better accept the changes and have better insight into those we love.

Intuitive Child Raising
Intuitive child raising is an extremely effective method of not only relating, but of interacting in a way that best suits the child and their needs. When we relate to the child's desires, needs, and feelings from a place that is intuitive, we are responding to the child themselves, not from what we think or imagine is going on with them.

Guiding Your Child
When we are raising our children, we are guiding them toward the life they will lead. We have a huge impact on who they will become and how they will develop. How we act towards them will become, in a sense, how they will respond to others. How we relate to them is how they will develop relationships as well.


Gaining Prosperity
Prosperity can mean two things; you can see it as wealth and affluence or you can view prosperity as the abundance of happiness within your own life.

Money and Happiness
We tend to connect the amount of money we have to how happy we can be. Happiness is not connected to our finances. If it was, we would see and feel so much more happiness in others who had wealth.

How To Be Successful In Life
Finding success in life comes from doing what you want and what you are meant to do. It does not come from doing what you think you should be doing or what others have planned for you.


Your Body and Self-Image
Your body is a part of you, but it is not all of you. We tend to think that what people see is only on the outside, but the truth is that who we are on the inside comes out and others see this.

Confidence and Believing In Yourself
A lack of confidence comes not only from not believing in yourself, but from how you see yourself. What we think of ourselves has a lot to do with how we relate to ourselves and the world around us.

Insight Into Ourselves

Understanding Our Destructive Behaviors
Often in life we get stuck in a cycle. One that harms us, or at least doesn't help us. There are things that we wish we could quit or let go of, and yet we can't seem to be able to do that. Why is that? Why are we stuck with something we do not like, and why do we keep doing it even when we know it is not good for us?

Finding Inspiration
Inspiration is the feeling or idea that moves us forward and carries us in a direction that we are meant to go in. When we are open enough to see and feel this, then we can live our life in way that we are destined to.

How To Understand Your Emotions
In order to understand our emotions and why we keep having certain ones come up, we need to see why they are truly there. For it is these ones, the emotions that seem to be brought up a lot, that are especially tied to an inner problem or issue we are facing.

Energy and Being Tired
When you are sleeping well and still feel drained or tired, you need to look at your energy level and why you feel this way. Sometimes it is not just about the amount of rest we receive. It can also be about what we are holding onto in our body.

Find Out About Past Lives
Our past lives tell a story and they can enlarge our understanding of who we are and what we know. We can see our strengths in who we were and what we did in the past.

Intuition and Self-Guidance
Using your intuition to guide yourself happens when you listen to yourself and let go of ideas, patterns, agendas, or control, for we cannot fully listen to ourselves if we already have an idea of how things should be.

The Source of Addiction
Addiction occurs when we are trying to find a way to deal with an internal imbalance. We seek outside sources to heal what doesn't feel right inside of ourselves. We then have two large issues that have become center stage in our life; the internal imbalance that directed us down the path that led to addiction and the addiction itself.

The Message Behind Recurring Dreams
The most useful dream is the recurring dream, for it is fostered by a larger more prominent issue in our life, an issue so large that we have developed a dream in order to deal with it.