Be and Feel Empowered

When we think less of ourselves, we are only harming who we are. When we believe that others are better than us, we are giving them a false identity, for all people, no matter their background, upbringing, or place in life, are equal. Regardless of what we think of others, it is how we see ourselves that is important. When we see that we are just as important as everyone else, we can release our real self into the world. When we are not afraid to speak our mind and stop holding ourselves back, we are coming from a place that is honoring who we are as a person.

Most people compare, evaluate, and judge others by a set of standards known only to them. Each person has a different standard, a different way of seeing other people, and how they fit in in comparison to themselves. It is surprising how a person can view themselves as less than a total stranger based on no previous knowledge or real awareness of who they are. We judge others quickly and consistently, sometimes without even realizing it, and assign ourselves at a level either above or below them. We judge people by our own personal standards and others do the same. But what difference does it make, other than how it makes us feel? What are we achieving when we categorize or limit ourselves this way? Does it make us happier, or do we feel worse? Why do we need to compare and evaluate ourselves at all? You can become empowered by letting go of this habit. You can start to see yourself for who you really are, not who you are based upon how you fit in with others. Remember, our scale is our creation.

We would all be much happier and more accepting of others and ourselves if we chose to remove this evaluation. We could see others for who they are without being lower or higher than them. We could be completely empowered if we didn’t compare ourselves to others. We would no longer see ourselves as less, for we wouldn’t be using an evaluation scale. Remove the process of comparison and you will find yourself equal on all levels. Stop adjusting your behavior due to your idea of how you fit in next to others, so you can be yourself. When we allow ourselves to exist without comparison, we are free to be empowered in so many ways. We stop evaluating ourselves by some false scale and free ourselves up to be just as we are. We feel better, more content, and open because we are not holding ourselves back. We can be empowered when we choose to view ourselves with acceptance and view others in the same way.

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