Becoming Centered

Sometimes we feel unbalanced within our lives; like we are a spectator and have no control over our thoughts or our feelings. We think our actions come from our situations and not ourselves. There is a sense of not feeling grounded and that things are never in your control. Helping yourself find your center and maintaining this balance is part of the key to understanding yourself and enjoying your life. When you are balanced and centered in your own life, everything you do or say is a reflection of the real you. When you are connected to yourself, you are no longer a spectator in your own life.

How does one find an inner balance? First, one must realize that they are responsible for all that they are and that there are no excuses for what they do. Once we understand this, we can look deeper into why we feel, think, and say what we do. The chaos one may feel is from not being fully present with who they are. One can feel lost inside of their thoughts and actions because they are not centered. By realizing this, the need to become centered in your life becomes very important.

By looking at yourself when you feel lost or unbalanced, you are seeking your center. When you try to connect to your feelings and their reasons, you are becoming more balanced. When you look at your thoughts and wonder at their source, you are becoming centered again. When you feel off or out of control, bring yourself back within yourself and look at why and where this is coming from. By these very actions, you are becoming centered again and you will feel better. One can always do this. It doesn’t take a lot of time; it only takes an awareness of yourself.

You will begin to understand the triggers that unbalance you and then know what to do. Or when you are caught off guard and feel unbalanced, you can help yourself feel better before you get too lost or out of control. By staying aware and present with your thoughts, emotions, and actions, you can help yourself stay balanced. Overtime, this will become easier and even unnecessary as your center will grow stronger within you. The more you are aware of yourself the more balanced you will become.

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