Being In The Moment

Existing in the moment requires nothing more than allowing yourself to be there. We take ourselves away from where we are constantly, either in our minds or in our emotions. Our presence in the moment is often regarded as something that is not required. Some of us may have experienced a state of deep connection to a moment in the past; one that made us feel alive, present and involved. This happened because we felt so engrossed in what was happening that we were very present. We were present then because it was necessary. And because of this, many of us felt more alive than then at any other time in our lives.

Do you remember a moment when you felt this way? It may have been an intense time, an emergency, or a moment without any distractions that helped you engage fully with what was happening. That moment and how you felt was real, and that was what being present and engaged in the moment feels like. It doesn't mean all moments need to be drastic in order to feel this way. What this means is that at one time you allowed yourself to be where you were, instead of in your head or in your emotions. If we believe we are not fully required to be present in where we are, we will drift away to our thoughts or feelings. If we feel like there is no necessity to be fully present, then we will attend to other things. And yet we are missing our lives by drifting off into our thoughts or into how we are feeling.

Often these thoughts or feelings are not mandatory to experience. To be present means to be present not only in your life, but in your surroundings and in where you are at the moment. The moment is part of us at all times; it is the choice to be a part of it that brings us closer to it. We can miss moments as large as a day by being lost in our thoughts or in how we feel. We lose a day because we have drifted away and chose not to be present because there wasn't a need. Do you do this sometimes?

How does one maintain presence in one's own life? How do you exist with the moment you are in and be present with it? If we believe life is not necessary to experience and that our own thoughts are more important, we are in fact missing our life. Life is valuable, and by choosing to be in the moment, you have brought yourself back to the present. Choose not to miss what is happening in your life by reminding yourself to stay present. It is not hard to do this, and the more you do it, the more active, energetic, and present you will feel. We lose our experiences in life by deeming that our full presence is unnecessary.

Look at a child, how do they behave during their day? Are they present or lost in their thoughts? They feel present and are engaged because they have not made a choice to be otherwise. This doesn't mean reverting back to a child's state; this only means one should value life more than we do. The moment exists with us whether or not we are engaged. Let yourself drift back to the moment and stay by choosing the moment over everything else. You can feel and think in this moment too; just remember to let yourself stay with the moment when you do so. Let your mind and feelings become engaged externally and internally in the moment you are in, for this is being present. Do not let yourself get carried away from where you are by making a choice to do so. Because it is a choice, one that you can always change at any time so that you can bring yourself back and stay in the moment.

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