Confidence and Believing In Yourself

A lack of confidence comes not only from not believing in yourself, but from how you see yourself. What we think of ourselves has a lot to do with how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Some people view themselves as less than others and have deemed their self-worth as less. You can imagine then that their confidence level would be very low and hard to raise up. How one sees themselves controls their confidence and whether or not they believe in who they are. Wherever the origin of low self-worth came from, know that it is not true.

No one is above or less than any other individual. All of us are equal in who we are as a person. We let ourselves fall below others to make up for some internal problem and may believe we deserve this status. Confidence can come back because it is always there; it is only buried under how you see yourself at the moment. For if you were to see the real you, you would not think of yourself as less. In order to believe in yourself, you need to look at yourself clearly.

Come from a place of seeing your qualities, your best features, and what makes you the person you are. All of these things are what you need to believe in. You are valuable, important, unique, and different from any other person. Believing in what you are is just as important as breathing. For when you do believe, you are giving yourself the strength and the confidence to be yourself. Believe in what you are, who you are and then reach higher. Do not see yourself as less because this only diminishes your self-worth. Instead, remind yourself of all the good qualities you possess--your abilities, strengths, and who you are as a person and let that come through.

The more you focus on what is good and worthy inside of you, the higher your confidence will go. Release the feeling of being less and not believing in who you are. Instead, give yourself the credit you deserve. Be yourself by believing and seeing everything you are capable of.

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