Connect and Make Friends

We may feel like it is hard to meet new people; that we cannot find others to connect to that are similar to us. There are so many people out there, and yet meeting just one person that fits you seems impossible. We feel this way because we are holding ourselves back. We are not trying to engage with others because we are afraid of not being accepted. We can have excuses for why we do not know many people, but are we really trying to be open to others? There are literally millions and millions of people out there and it is not just about finding the right fit, for often we do not even try to meet or connect to the ones we are around. How well do you know your neighbors or co-workers? How often have you started a conversation with someone just to do so? How often have you gone up to a stranger when it felt right and it was possible to talk to them?

We overlook so many moments because we may fear the outcome. We do not need to be in control or know who this other person is in order to meet them. It is very common for people to avoid each other because they are afraid to make contact and open up. People are afraid of being vulnerable in a situation where they may not be accepted for who they are. Reaching out can feel terrifying, but the connection that is possible could be so gratifying and be worth it. Even if it is just a conversation, how warm and connected will you feel afterwards for having tried to talk with someone and accomplished it? We gain a wonderful sense of connection just by reaching out because it satisfies us on a deeper level. When we let ourselves reach out, so many things can happen. The more we do this, the easier it gets. Also know that most people wish they could reach out, but hold themselves back out of fear. If more people reached out to the community, then we would all feel more welcome and connected.

There is a hesitancy to reach out by most people, but you don’t have to hold back too. Become someone who reaches out first because people will usually happily respond to you. Everyone is looking to connect and be part of others and their community. Try to be more open during the day towards others; make eye contact and smile. Sometimes this is all that is needed to strike up a conversation. Try to be bold and reach out to connect to others because so much can come from this. You may make a new friend or for that moment feel connected and that you belong. We gain such satisfaction from being part of others; that even if we gain this for only a moment, it is enough. Reach out, for there are people everywhere seeking exactly what you seek. Others want to connect, but fear on some level they will not be accepted and are afraid to reach out. It only takes one person to start a conversation; be the first one to do so.

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