Connecting To Life

When we open up to seeing the world as something we belong to and are no longer separate from, life becomes easier. So in order to do this, we have to see our life as complete and as part of everything else. When we view our life as separate, as an ongoing work in progress, we are too focused on the singular way of being. When we see our life as part of everything, then we are with everything. You would be surprised how often the "I" comes up in our mind, our conversations, our thoughts, and our way of being. We are almost completely focused on "I". Why? Because we have believed for so long that we are separate, so that is our focus. When we see ourselves as not alone or on our own, then we become a part of everything else. We are no longer "I", and we are not alone

You may think this takes a giant leap to change this way of thinking, but it is really only a small shift. It is beginning to see yourself as not on your own, not alone in the world you are living in, but part of everything else. To do this you must see the benefits to living this way. How often has being on your own benefited you in life? How often have you felt that you struggled because it was you against the world? How much has your life been about what you need to do, make happen, or produce on your own? Where has coming from "I" helped you really? Think about it this way, if instead of feeling that you were on your own, you felt that everything was there for you. How would you feel? If you can let go of the focus on yourself in this way, life will be with you and not against you. By opening up to this way of thinking and being, you let "I" go. You let go of the stress of being on your own. You release the tension of all you have to do by yourself because you are no longer solely driven by "I".

What the "I" means is that you go through life not only on your own, but you work against life. By removing the "I" from yourself, you connect and become part of life. We are meant to be this way. None of us benefit from believing we live alone; we only develop issues and problems from this. As soon as we open up and release the "I" way of being, we become one once again with everything. This requires shifting the way you see yourself. See yourself as part of everything. See yourself as connected to everything, every breathing thing and all that exists. Feel what it is like to live from this point of view. Just shift your perception for a moment, really believe it and see how it feels because it does feel easier.

Life is a part of us; we are not separate from it. Our lives belong to everything. Just as life connects to us, we connect to everything else. When we imagine we are separate, we become so. When we focus too strongly on the self as separate from the world, we become this. Create a connection by limiting the "I" focus we focus on. Create space to connect by believing and seeing the difference in what it can be like to eliminate the "I" from ourselves. By doing so, you open up, spread out, and connect to what life really is. It is a connection, a belonging, a way of being, that creates happiness, ease, and comfort. It is living with life and no longer on your own. The next time you think "I", replace it with nothing, let there be nothing there. Let the "I" float away and release it. In its place a connection is made, for every moment that is free of living life as separate, we are connecting to everything. The "I" is the only thing that keeps us separate.

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