Connecting To Your True Self and the World

Do you feel weighed down by something in your life? Do you feel like you are without hope and do not know why? Is there something missing and you can’t figure out what it is? Life can seem so confusing sometimes, like we are without the map to show us the way. When we are confused internally and do not understand why, life just seems hard, harder than it should. You are not alone; many people experience this lost feeling within their own lives. What is it that everybody is missing? What is it that keeps people weighed down and without hope? For most people, it is because they have lost the connection to their own lives and all that surrounds them.

Without connection, we are without hope, belief, or purpose. When we are not connected, we become confused, even without knowing why, because we are truly lost. What does being connected mean and what are you connecting to? First, you are connecting to yourself; many of us become disassociated from our own selves. We lose who we are and fabricate another existence over our true self. We embody our ideas of self as opposed to what is really us. We lose the connection to our true self, and in the process we can’t help but feel lost, for we have lost ourselves.

There is even a deeper connection as well that we sometimes lose, the connection to everything around us. We lose this by pulling ourselves away, usually because we are trying to protect ourselves either from fear, worry, sadness, or any emotional feeling that instigates escapism. We pull ourselves away from life, and the connection is lost when we do. We clip the strings that attach us to life in two very fundamental ways. We destroy our connection to everything that surrounds us, and we disintegrate our connection to our true self. That is why we feel lost, alone, and confused. The weight we feel is the absence of knowing who we are and how we fit in with the rest of the world. Everything feels so much harder in life because we are not connected to what everything is. In a way, we are doing it all alone and as another person.

We cannot find fulfillment or access or truest potential when we are acting as another person or protecting ourselves constantly from the world. We have bundled ourselves away and cut off the world because of our fears or emotional responses to our lives. We have created another self to interact with the world in order to cope, manage, or pretend we are something other than what we are. How do you find yourself and connect again and how do you release your fear so that you can connect to everything around you? First, you must uncover and release all that is not really you; anything that is not your true self must become absent so that you are fully connected to yourself again. You will lose the sense of being alone or lost when you do this because you are coming home to yourself. When you have released all the parts of yourself that are not you, you are then ready to reconnect to the world. For in being your true self, you will have let go of the need to protect yourself from life and can be part of it again. Fear is absolved, worry disappears, and any negative emotional responses evaporate because you are connected to what is most important and there is really nothing to fear.

Connecting to yourself and the world is a process that elevates your existence and furthers your growth. It helps you become who you really are and find the life you are meant to live. It not only alleviates the displacement feeling you may have been experiencing, but it reestablishes the feeling of being at one with everything, being at one with your true self and at one with the world, and from there everything starts to feel easier and your life will no longer seem so confusing.

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