Dealing With Stress

Stress is a side effect of not accepting what is happening around you or within you. Stress is caused by seeing life as a battle, as something to be fought. If we accepted whatever was and is around us, we would not feel the stress we so often do. Feeling stress is a habit prolonged by the continual use of non-acceptance. We prolong the feeling of stress by holding onto the idea that what is happening around us is not right and not what we want.

Stress is caused by the idea that life should be different than what it is. If we looked at life differently, how would we feel? If we saw our days as only what they were and did not compare them to our past, how we see our future, what we have in our minds or anything else, how would we feel? Stress is a very strong example of non-acceptance. Also, if we feel bad, we often look around us for the problem. When we think we have found the problem, we then blame it for how we feel and then fight it. Not once though do we look at ourselves for why we feel bad. Perhaps the feeling comes from within and has nothing to do with what is happening around us.

We often overlook our internal issues as the problem and blame the external world first. We create stress by not only hiding from the real issue, but by looking for something to blame. We literally create issues out of nothing so that we can have a reason for why we feel bad. There are moments which are harder than others but how much harder are they when we feel stressed? If we accepted the moment as it was, without looking to blame it, would the moment be easier to exist with. Again, if you are bad or just not yourself, try to look inward first before you look to blame the outside world.

We create stress by looking to blame something for why we feel the way we do. Once we blame something, we cannot control it and then we become stressed. The world moves in a way that is not under our control; therefore, when we blame something for our feelings or thoughts, we are creating a moment that cannot be resolved and we won’t feel better. If first we looked inward, sought out the feeling, and looked at why it was there, then perhaps we could let it go and feel better. Stress comes from not accepting what is happening and by not looking at one’s own emotions, thoughts, or feelings first. The next time you are starting to feel stressed, look inward before you look outward. Ask yourself why you are feeling this way internally; try not to blame anything else for your emotions or thoughts. Try to find a way to help yourself with how you feel and remember to always accept whatever is; do not fight or struggle with what you cannot control.

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