Energy and Being Tired

When you are sleeping well and still feel drained or tired, you need to look at your energy level and why you feel this way. Sometimes it is not just about the amount of rest we receive. It can also be about what we are holding onto in our body. Our energy can be depleted by anxious emotions, over-worked thoughts, or behaviors that keep us restricted. What need to do is to open up so our energy can move again. We can keep our energy levels blocked by how we feel, think, or act. Our energy can move and replenish us when we are open and not closed off.

If we are anxious, sometimes we close ourselves off internally to protect ourselves, but by doing this, we are limiting the flow of energy in our body. Any control issues, behaviors, or patterns that keep us closed off are also limiting our energy levels. When our minds are overworked, heavy, or constantly focused on matters irrelevant to the moment we are in, we are oppressing our energy levels. Being tired is not just a symptom of loss of sleep, but a reflection of how we are living our life. If your diet, sleep patterns, and level of exercise are all balanced, it is time to look at how you are behaving and see if it is connected to your energy loss.

You may need to be more open not only in your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, but in how you see yourself and your life. Sometimes just our view point keeps us locked in and restricts our energy. Envision opening yourself up in all aspects of your life. Open your mind and let it relax. Stop your mind from working on your problems, worries, or issues so that it can be open. Release all the negative emotions you have so that your body and how you feel can relax as well. The tension we create in ourselves keeps us closed off from the movement of energy. The more open we are, the less tired we will feel. It is like putting a lid on ourselves and then using up all the energy that is inside without being able to refill ourselves. We need to imagine removing the lid so that the movement of energy is continuous and not stagnant.

Not only do we need to relax our mind and our bodies, but we need to release any restrictions we have on ourselves and our world. Any control issues, behaviors, or patterns that weigh us down need to be released. The lighter we are, the more energy we will have. If you are still waking up tired and feeling weighed down during your day, perhaps you need to reevaluate how you live. By releasing and opening up, you will gain more energy and feel less tired. Be open in all aspects of your life, from how you see and relate to life to how you act, think, behave, and feel. Let all of it go so that you can relax. The more relaxed you are on all levels, the more you are open to the energy that is available to you.

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