Enjoy Life and Be Happy

Learning to let go so you can enjoy life and be where you are is very important because it allows you to be present and engaged in what is real. This gives you the space and openness to find happiness no matter where you are or what is happening in your life. We often get too distracted by our lives to be able to enjoy it and we keep putting off our own satisfaction in order to take care of whatever we think is important. We do not allow ourselves to simply enjoy and live within our own lives. A competition is formed between what we think is important and necessary and our own well-being and happiness. This is when life becomes unbalanced and uncentered; when we are choosing to ignore what is important for us and what would bring us happiness today.

Life is not about waiting or taking care of something else first. Life is about right now, not tomorrow. If we are always waiting for another time to enjoy ourselves, we are never giving ourselves the importance we need in our own life. There are always things to do and things to take care of. But when do you let yourself become the priority in your own life? When does that happen for you? We cannot just find happiness on vacation or in moments when we let ourselves take a break. You can feel happiness every day. Life can be enjoyed now, no matter the occasion. Life itself is something to be excited about and thankful for. By not enjoying it at all moments, we are almost ignoring the very gift we have. Life is about today, this moment, and the here and now. Life will always disappear into yesterday, and so all you have is now.

Enjoy life and let go of the pressure and constant demand you make upon yourself. Give yourself the chance to enjoy today, even if it feels like a small moment; do not wait until tomorrow to feel open to happiness. Embrace the moment you are in; be open to it and not weighed down by what you must do. Look past the list in your mind, and instead fully engage in what you are doing right now. Even if you are working or doing something you do not like, let yourself be present with it. There is happiness in everything; all moments are full and open. Let yourself feel this. Happiness is present everywhere. And to feel it, you must realize that it can be there inside of you right now; so you can enjoy it.

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