Enlightenment and Truth

Enlightenment is about finding truth in our being. It is about seeing the world for what it really is. It is about finding peace and touching the divine. It is the truth and the connection we all share that brings everything together. We are not as separate as we think we are in our lives. When we reach out, seeking to understand life and its meaning, we can feel the connection that combines us all. We can feel the connection to ourselves, the planet, and all the beings that reside there.

Feeling this connection is a beginning to being at one within and with everything that surrounds us in life. How we see the world plays a huge part in our happiness and peace of mind. When we let go of the struggle that we see life as, and instead accept its worth and all its unending possibilities, we begin to understand the meaning behind life, its course, and the direction that we are part of.

We are not solitary beings on a random course through this life. We have a purpose, a destiny and truth known only to us, but connected to everything else. We have a part to play, and when we let go of the idea that life is about something else, we begin to see the truth. When we engage fully in the moment, without ideals of self or random thoughts interfering, emotional blocks delaying our responses to the truth, we begin to see what is most important, that we can float along unceasing in our strength to become who we are meant to be.

As soon as we give up the fight to control life, we can become part of it. We can move with what is real all around us and feel the truth. What is the truth? Truth is the balance; it is the core of being, of understanding our place, and the connection we feel. Before this, we are walking around within empty shells, pretending with a life that we have grown accustomed too. Yet, when you open up instead to finding truth, to being your true self, to seeking enlightenment-- all can come together. The connection to everything fills you up, you feel whole, and at peace because you feel your true being it is uncovered. You sense your purpose and can more easily relate to the rest of the world. You see the balance that is life, how it truly interplays within its own creation. How you see others will change; how you relate to those you know and complete strangers will be altered. Growth on this scale is available to everyone; it is a power we all have and yet we often choose to overlook it. We grow accustomed to life as we see it. We do not seek what is underneath it all or give it a chance. Well it is there, waiting to be connected to, to be found. It all starts by the thought that there must be more, more to yourself and this world around you. Know that there is and it is waiting for you to find it and connect.

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