Existing As Your True Self

Existing as your true self is living with the world as you are meant to. It is living your life from a place that is connected to your purpose, a place that resonates deeply within you. You can live your life as the real you and feel fulfilled, happy, and content, or you can live your life in a way that feels separate, alone, and without purpose. Finding your true self allows you to live your true existence. It is you without ulterior ways of being which end up complicating your existence. It is you feeling and knowing that all is right in the world because you are part of it and not separate from it.

Do you ever feel that something is off? That you are waiting for something or that your life is empty of meaning? Are you looking for answers as to why your life doesn’t fit you? Does it seem like what you do every day has no meaning or relevance to your true happiness? If any of this fits you, then you are not living as your true self. You have lost the connection you can have to what is real in you and in your life. Finding your true self happens when you realize that perhaps you have not been living as your complete self so far. Realizing you are not connected to your true self opens up the possibility to feel, see, and know the real you, for underneath the life you are living today is the chance to change and find what is real in your life again.

You can find the connection to yourself and who you really are, so you can live the life that is meant for you. Stop existing only half-way in your life and let the world connect to you in a different and more profound way. What about you feels right? What feels like the real you and resonates deeply in your life right now? Perhaps there are parts of you that are connected and fully present; this is what you should be present with.

How you act, behave, and relate to the world around you are all clues to who you are. What feels or seems real, true to who you are, and what doesn’t seem to fit? What parts of your life are empty and what is full? Relate more to the parts of you and your life that feel real. Spend time doing what seems to fit you because then you are connecting to your true self. When you are feeling right and complete, seek out why and engage that feeling more often. Be aware when things seem to click, even for a small moment, because that is your true self being present. Lean more towards what is real in your life and you and let what isn’t become absent from your life. You can begin to live as your true self.

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