Existing In The Moment

Existing in the present, in the now, is perhaps the single most important thing you can do. It allows you to not only be present with what is really happening in you and around you, but it helps you to let go of the struggle with life that so many of us have. By being present and engaged in every moment you are in, you can let go of the struggle against life. By being present within yourself, you release all your old issues, let go of behaviors and patterns, and can see who you really are. Not only can you interact fully with your surroundings, but you can relate from a pure space without internal conflicts or distractions.

Being present means you are letting go of everything else and can then just be. It seems simple, and yet so many of us ignore this small step in our life. We are easily distracted and pulled away from our lives. We believe that other matters are more important than where we are or how we are feeling or behaving in the moment. We believe that all other matters require our attention, and that the moment we are in is not an essential part of our existence.

If we live in the now, we can exist in peace. We can live a full life that is present because our attention, thoughts, ideas, and feelings are no longer absent from the moment we are in. We are allowing ourselves to be present within ourselves at the moment we are in. Letting yourself be where you are, instead of in the future, lifts away the feeling that you must be more or do more, and the pressure fades away. Being present also lets you release your past and all it holds over you. For if you are truly present, then the tie to your past disappears, for you are not mentally or emotionally attached to it anymore. The feelings that arise when you dwell on your past keep you from being present. The thoughts based on your future or past also determine your present state. So by being in the moment instead of the past, you can exist in a way that is more balanced because you are dealing with what is right now. Right now of course being the only time there really is to exist in.

When we imagine ourselves in the future, we pull ourselves away from the present which creates an unbalance. When we remember and dwell on our past, this carries us away from the present and our state of existence that could otherwise be so simple. Being in the moment is about more than just being present; it is what keeps you grounded, centered, and at peace. All that you do every day allows you to be present, for every moment can hold your attention and your presence because it is where you really are. It is no harder than letting your thoughts or emotions go.

When you feel yourself drifting away from the moment you are in because of your thoughts or emotions, let them go. When you feel yourself dwelling on the past or the future to be, remind yourself to instead be where you are. When you are emotionally reacting to something other than the moment you are in, know it isn’t real and let it go. Any thought, emotion, or way of being that doesn’t relate to the moment you are in unbalances you and is not real. For not only does the past not exist any longer and future does not exist yet, but the emotions and thoughts tied to the past and future are not truly real as well. Exist in the present moment physically, emotionally, and mentally and you will become a more centered and balanced person. How you feel, think, and react to life will be easier and more balanced because you are in the moment and aware of yourself.

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