Fear Of Change

We fear what we do not know or cannot understand. When things are changing, we cannot predict the outcome or control it. What happens during or after something changes is out of our hands and we have to go along with it. If everything is predictable, we can surmise that there is nothing to fear, for we know what will be. If anything in our world changes though, we are thrown for a loop because we do not know the possibilities of what may be. There are two ways to deal with change and how we perceive it. We can view change in our life as threatening because we do not know the outcome. Or we can view change for what it is, the process of life. We cannot escape change because it is all around us. Our lives, the people around us, and even who we are as a person are undergoing changes constantly.

To fear something that is so rudimentary and basic is to live in fear of life. Life in every direction experiences change, including oneself, so to fear life simply because we do not know what to expect is to fear everything. We may relate to change only on a big scale, the kind that affects us in a big way. This is more likely to bring up the fear we may have toward change because it can alter our world and how we fit into it. Changing a job, a living situation, or who you are as a person are all big steps, but no bigger than the changes you undergo daily.

What we do not fear feels easy. How did you behave in new situations you did not predict or fear? We overlook all the changes that we do not fear that happen around us. We choose to instead fear the moments which we have made grander and more important to us. By giving one moment more prominence and value, we enable our worries, fears, and emotions to overwhelm us. Instead, we should be looking at whatever is happening as the same and as part of everything else. How you perceive the change makes you feel and respond to it in different ways. If you are ready to leave your old job and search for a new one, you could fear this change because it seems big and full of the unknown. Or you could look at it as a step, a moment like all the others, with no reason to fear it. When we alter how we see changes by bringing them down to a simple level, we have nothing to fear for they are part of everyday life. The bigger we make the issue for ourselves, the stronger we will feel when we are faced with it.

All moments are full of change; although, we may only pay attention to some. Changes are happening daily in us, the world, and the people around us. In order to let go of the fear you may have over certain changes, you need to see all changes, big and small, as part to your life and as nothing that needs to be feared. When we understand that life is change, we can live with it, instead of being afraid of it. Remember, all changes are part of you, even the ones you fear, and when you let go of the fear, it becomes easier. You accept the change and become part of it. Change is part of our evolution; it is what makes us become who we are and who we are meant to be. Welcome change because it is part of your life; it is unstoppable, uncontrollable, and continuous.

To fight change or to fear it means you are holding yourself back. You are keeping yourself locked into one moment and one way of being, instead of expressing who you are and becoming part of your life. All change, whether you fear it or not, is a creation of your future; it is what is meant to happen and will happen. You cannot stop it, nor should you, for change is what gives us experience, knowledge, awareness, and brings us closer to ourselves. Welcome change so that you can grow, learn, and develop into who you are meant to be. The people that fear change are the ones who are afraid of life. Instead, live your life.

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