Fearing The Future

When we look too far into the future, we are seeing with our imaginations, our fears, our expectations, or our desires. What we are not seeing is the truth. We can never know for sure how the reality of our future will play out. We can only imagine its progress and hope it fits with what we wish. We may fear what the future could be. We might see the future as either a dark or a light place that we are heading for. Hope and acceptance helps us in dealing with the idea of what our future may be. But the reality of your future is that it is open and has a path you are unaware of. What may or may not happen cannot be controlled.

Trying to manage your future in any way so that it progresses down the road you want may only diminish your future’s possibilities. The more we are open to our future, the more possibilities we create. If we keep our expectations for our future locked in a box, our future may conform to this. If we let go and open the box, what may flow in is all the possibilities of what could be. Some of us keep our future locked out of fear that things could get worse or even stay as they are. But life does change and if we let fear go, then our future loses its probability of hurting us. If we are not looking for something to fear, we will find happiness instead.

Expectations and perceptions can riddle our minds when it comes to our future. How we look at our future tells us about our own outlook on life. Do you fear the future? Do you fear other things as well? Perhaps you could welcome and even hope for the future. Do you try to control what lies ahead and do need to be in control now? Control never manages to give us what we want, not now or in our future. Do you have expectations on how your life should be in the future? Do you do this with yourself now?

Our future is open and the possibilities could be different then we could imagine. Different in how we perceive they should be, but possibly better. The more open we are in life, the more open we feel about our futures. Our future is our life to come; it could be wonderful and possibly beyond our imagination. Have hope and do not fear. Be open with no expectations, and imagine instead that where you are right now is perfect and what may be is where you are meant to go.

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