Fighting Certain Moments In Your Life

Understanding your situation can feel hard and it can be very confusing on how to get a grip on why something is happening to you or why it won't change. We all spend time trying to understand the situation we are in. We roll it around in our heads trying to make sense of it, but we often don't solve it. We are left wondering why and when it will end. What we can do instead of focusing on why it's happening and on when it might stop? We can instead allow ourselves to be with it. When we stop trying to alter our situation or make it stop, it becomes less of an issue. When we no longer focus on what we don't like, we stop seeing it. Trying to understand the moment we are in is usually our response to not liking it. If we loved the moment we were in, would we spend even a second trying to understand it? No, we would enjoy it without thinking about it at all.

So when a situation arises that you dislike, are uncomfortable with, or do not enjoy, don't try to figure it out. There is nothing to solve, no way to control it, or end it, rather focus not on it, but on how you are relating to it. When we relate to all moments, whether good or bad, the same way, we are at peace with it. If you take the wonderful and easy moments away, would you be left with always hating life and trying to change it? Is that the best way to live, and it definitely is not the easiest. And if you really look at it, how many moments, by your perception, are wonderful? How many moments feel hard? How to they relate to each other on a scale, and which have more weight to them in your opinion? If one side is extremely heavy, then that is how you have been relating to and living your life. You are fighting what you don't understand by trying to solve or remove it from your existence. That is a lot of your life you are living in this way, in struggle and unease.

There can be a balance; you can feel at ease in all moments, whether good or bad, by simply allowing it to be. Which means even if you do not understand your situation or don't like it, let it be okay. Let go of the struggle of trying to change it, end it, or figure it out. Let go of the need to manage what you do not like. All of this is in opposition to the kind of life you really want to live. For you are really trying to get to a wonderful moment that will make you happy and feel at peace. But you are living in a way that limits it, by fighting moments to your disliking. You will have very few wonderful moments, if any at all, if your approach to life is this way. When we remove ourselves from this perception of trying to fix and change what we do not like, we allow ourselves to actually find peace in any moment. This is possible, for your perception has a lot to do with how you feel and see your life.

If we are always trying to escape the moment we are in, there is never a good enough moment for us to relax in and be okay. Better we should practice acceptance with all moments, that way we get to experience it always. Try this on a daily basis. Seriously approach your life with the idea that this moment is okay, good, and as it should be. I do not need to change it, solve it, or figure it out so that it will stop. I do not need to fight or struggle with this way of being anymore. In fact, this moment is not so bad, it is as it should be, and I am okay. I am fine and I am willing to relax in it.

When we lay down the resistance to moments we dislike, they gain a balance within our perception and we see them as being okay; because we stop fighting them, we allow them to be okay. Do this by releasing your resistance to what you don't like. Eliminate the list of what is not okay and stop describing to yourself all the things that aren't right. Instead, release that way of thinking and no longer focus in this way. We can ruin our lives by living in this way, by seeing the world and our lives from this angle. Or we can no longer bother to perceive it as struggle, seeing life and moments as hard. We can instead see life as the possibility of change, without our intervention. Life moves easily from one moment to the next. When we stop fighting it, we become part of it. We flow with it easily because we have no resistance to what may be. We allow life to happen. Imagine letting go of all perceptions completely. Where would you be? You would be without struggle, for you would see life just as it is. By seeing it simply for what it is, there is no resistance, because you are not creating the illusion that you can fix, solve, or change what is.

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