Find and Understand Your Destiny

Our destiny is our path in life, the road we are meant to walk down and exist on. Sometimes we get lost and do not know the way. We get distracted by other things and other ways of being, and end up living a life that is unrelated to who we really are. We get lost inside of our own life. How do we know when this happens? We know because we are not happy, are unsatisfied, and are living with a feeling of discontent. We feel this way because we are not living the life that is meant for us. We lost our way and in doing so are living a life that is a shadow of what it could be.

Our purpose and what we are designed for relates to our own personal destiny. When we choose to alter our course and fall away from what feels right for us, we are choosing an alternative based on something other than what appeals to our true nature. When we get lost and busy with this other reality, we often feel like we are missing something and that there should be more to life than we have seen thus far. Do you know this feeling? Like you are waiting for something to happen inside of you own life? But do you know what you are waiting for? Your true self does, for it identifies with your destiny and knows your calling already.

Your true self is you being who you really are with nothing in the way -- no emotional barriers, formed identities, or agendas. It is just simply you being you. When you exist as your true self, your destiny is evident and available to you. You are no longer lost, but can see and understand the road you are meant to walk down clearly. It is like your destiny and your future are one and the same. It is when we live our lives as another person that we are lost and without a purpose. Finding your destiny then is also about finding your true self, knowing who you really are instead of living as you think you should be. For we all do this, we all burden ourselves with a way of being that isn’t true to who we are. We make up this other person and carry it as our role to live in this life. But not once do we look at who we really are and compare who we have become instead. Are we satisfied with our life and are we happy? Are we doing what makes us truly happy in this life with no regrets? Are we on the way to something better that excites us and lifts our spirits? If we are, then we are living our destiny. If we feel hopeless, distracted, and unsatisfied, then we are living a life that is not ours to live.

Living your destiny is about living the life meant for you and doing what makes you happy, for when you do, everything comes together. When we are not afraid to push for our dreams we can find them and see them come true. When we stretch out past our comfort zone and grab the thing we want the most, we are leading ourselves down our true path. Often in life we hold ourselves back because we feel we have to fit in and live a certain way, so we put our dreams to the side; all unrealistic approaches to life are deemed not worthwhile and futile. But living inside of your dreams and with your heart open to the experience is you finding satisfaction and happiness, living your life in a way that speaks to you personally on a level that can lift you up and open your eyes to new experiences. Then you are living your destiny.

Let yourself find what you love and then live it. When you begin to follow your heart and your desires, you will meet your true self along the way. When you lift the barriers between your outer self and your true self, your destiny is understandable. Listen to your dreams, what makes your pulse quicken and excites you, because that is how you find your calling. Also finding your true self and who you really are enables you to exist with your destiny. For living your destiny is you being who you really are, your true self. Living your life as you are meant to with nothing in the way -- no barriers, no false self and no ulterior agendas -- and listening to what is true to your heart will lead you to your destiny.

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