Find Balance in Life

Balance in life comes from doing what we are meant to do. A natural form of balance evolves around us when we are part of the destiny we are meant for. We feel unbalanced and in chaos when we are striving for something that isn’t truly meant for us because it is unsatisfying. To gain balance one must not only live as we are meant to, but seek a life of purpose. Going through life always feeling like we are being pulled in one direction too many comes from not doing what feels right for us. Balance in itself would already exist if we were living our life from a place that is true. One would not feel chaotic or feel resentful towards duties, tasks, or moments needing to be attended to because we would be fulfilled on a deeper level.

If we are begrudging what we are doing, of course our life will feel out of balance. If we were happy because what we were doing was fulfilling us, our desires, our dreams, and our very being would feel welcome. I am talking about the bigger picture here -- your life, what you do, and all that surrounds you. Not the menial tasks that we are called upon every day to do, but the bigger part of who we are. If you were content with your life and living your calling, you would not feel so overwhelmed with the little stuff. You would see your responsibilities as something you welcome and they would be easier to do.

If we were to look at the bigger picture of our lives, what would we see? Ask yourself if you are living the best possible life for you. Are you on the way to what you dream of and what feels destined for you? Or are you living a life that doesn’t feel like it belongs to you and is steering you away from your dreams? Balance is not found in small moments so much as it is reached by thinking big. When one is living the life they are meant to, all else feels balanced around it. Your being, when happy and fulfilled, is happily able to do all that life needs of you.

It is you on the inside that seeks balance; it is not the world around you that you need to change. If we are content and happy within, then everything around us is easy and possible. If we are at a loss within, unsatisfied and empty, then everything will feel out of balance and hard. So this is about the bigger picture. Look at your life and the meaning behind it. This is not about rescheduling or doling out tasks so you can feel better because that won’t work. This is about looking honestly at your life and questioning your choices. Are you living the life you are destined for? Are you on the way to your dreams, to what calls you and what you know will make you the happiest? Ask these questions and dig deeper for the answers because you should reach for your dreams; you shouldn’t wait. Live as you are meant to and you will find balance. For when we live our dreams the world wraps around us and flows with us. Think bigger and ask yourself if you are living the life you are meant for.

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