Find Enlightenment

We tend to think enlightenment is only available to those who sacrifice or leave behind parts of their lives. We do not think we can become enlightened unless we give up the way we live or dramatically change who we are. This is not so, for enlightenment is available to everyone. Enlightenment happens when you become your true self. Some people find it easier when they have no distractions or responsibilities, when they can just be and focus on only themselves, but this isn’t necessary. For how we live is not an excuse to why we are not enlightened. Everyone, no matter their situation, can find their true self and become fully aware.

Existing freely as you are with nothing in the way is being enlightened. What does this mean to you? How do you know if you are your true self? Ask yourself if you are really happy. Do you feel at peace and without struggle in your life? Do you feel like you do not control who you are? Do you respond to life in a way that is accepting and open? Are you content and satisfied in your life? If you were your true self, you would answer yes to everything. You would feel no need to seek enlightenment, for you would already be at peace.

Who you are right now has the capability to become enlightened. All you need is to become your true self. By lifting layers away of discontent, unawareness, and struggle, underneath you will find the person you really are. Enlightenment means you are existing in the world in a state of acceptance, without struggle. It is feeling at ease no matter what is happening around you. We are all meant to exist in this state, for that is who we really are. Finding enlightenment is about finding yourself. Do not look outside of yourself for peace, look within. Your true self is enlightened, aware, and capable of being free.

You do not need to alter your path in life to be who you already are. You just need to let yourself become what you are underneath everything else. By lifting away what is not right or feels wrong within ourselves, we can instead be what we really are. What doesn’t belong doesn’t feel right. What doesn’t belong is possible to let go of, for it was never meant to be there; it is not you. Ask yourself why you feel unhappy; what is the reason? What valid issue do you have for feeling unhappy in your life? Whatever the reason, you can let it go, for it is not really your issue because it is not really you. Underneath this idea is a person who is already happy and fulfilled and at peace.

Whatever is holding you back from your own awareness doesn’t belong to the real you. It is like shedding and disposing of a false self so that your true self is the only person you are. Anything you are holding onto that feels in the way, you can let go of. To believe you can’t let go is to assume it is the real you and that it belongs to you. The real you is happy, at peace, aware, accepting, and open. Free yourself up so that enlightenment is the life you are existing in. Find who you really are and you will find the enlightenment that is within you.

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