Find Peace and Happiness

Peace and happiness exist when we are living fully in the present and let everything else go; when we accept what we cannot change and let go of control. It is being not only who you truly are, but letting everything that you are not fade away. Peace and happiness are at the center of living a life that is open, present, and loved. We choose to love our life when we give away the pretense that we are fighting life. When we choose to let go of struggle and live with acceptance, we are loving life as it is, for peace and happiness are always available if we choose to live with life instead of against it. But we tend to believe that peace and happiness is something we have to find, and that possibly somewhere down the road we will. But they are with us now; we just do not see or appreciate the availability because we are struggling with life.

Giving up the struggle is admitting to oneself that we have no control over what it is, over life, and everything around us. When we let go of all, including the control we have over ourselves, we can then live with acceptance and openness in life. By choosing life in a way that we are part of it instead of against it, we can become happy, for it is this futile struggle which undermines our peaceful existence. We choose the fight over acceptance anytime we disregard our own happiness, so that we can overreact with our thoughts or emotions. We like to make things hard on ourselves because we like the challenge of overcoming something. We like the drama and then the success. We like to fight because when we win, we feel in control. But even if it can feel good when we win during the battle, we do not feel good or at peace. We can be at peace amongst any hardship if we accept whatever is happening and do not pretend we can control it.

Peace comes when we let go because we already exist naturally in this state. We are peaceful beings meant to live a life that is happy and content, but we let ourselves get carried away by the idea of a battle and then our success. We choose the emotional or mental stimuli and heartache over acceptance. We enjoy the turmoil so much that we seek it. For when we accomplish one thing and solve the problem, we are soon looking for the next issue to be solved and the next thing we are up against. We like the challenge and the risk, and what it does to us emotionally or physically doesn’t matter, for we know at one point we will overcome and feel the high it brings. But existing this way is very unstable. We are existing in states of low and high instead of living in the middle. We can exist in a grounded state, no matter the event or issue at hand. In fact, the issue is usually so blown out of proportion because of our struggle against it, that it is all we can see.

When we are at peace and balanced within, we can start to live our life differently. We can feel what is real, see without our ideas changing the reality, and we can think with clear minds that accept the present. We choose life over everything else when we accept that we are not in control. We give up the high of success so that we do not have to experience the low. We live from a more centered place so that happiness is always with us. We choose peace for our hearts instead of heartache or worry. We live our life as we are meant to in the natural state of acceptance.

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