Finding Connection When Lonely

When we are searching for connection, we often only look outside of ourselves to find it. Loneliness doesn’t only come from what our lives are like on the outside, but also how we are connected on the inside. If we are connected to ourselves and who we really are, we don’t feel lonely. When we are connected internally in this way, the outside world feels closer to us. We see and feel the connection all around us, for if we are not cut off from ourselves, we cannot feel the connection that is in the world already. If we are separate from ourselves, then the world around us feels far away, distant, and unrelated to who we are.

Loneliness is not so much about who you know and what you do every day, as it is about the connection you can have internally to yourself and then to the world. We all live with this connection already; we just may not realize or feel it, for we have become distant from ourselves. Everything in the world, from the plants, animals, people, and all the energy that surrounds us, is connected. We are connected to everything else because everything is connected to us.

We may live a life of separation because we have lost our connection to who we are. When we find ourselves again, the connection to everything else is then accessed. Loneliness can exist even if we are busy and know a lot of people. Sometimes if we are really lonely, we seek to stay busy and occupied so that we are not aware of this feeling. But even with all we may do and all the friends we may have, if we are not connected to ourselves, the loneliness we experience will not go away. That is why, even amongst friends, we feel unconnected and lonely. We are missing ourselves and the connection we once had to everything else.

As children, we experienced this connection when we were still living as our true selves. As we age, we tend to distance ourselves from who we really are. We change ourselves to fit with how we think we should be or need to be. We lose our connection and forget our true selves. Loneliness is a symptom of the loss of our true self. By reconnecting to your true self, you are finding once again the connection you have to everything else. You will be content and at peace, for you will have connected to yourself and everything around you.

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