Finding Happiness By Living Your Destiny

Finding your destiny, how do we know what this means? We assume it means we will do what we are meant to do. But are we really only meant to do one thing? Is there not more, an endless variety of things that are meant for us that would make us happy? For is that not the point of finding our destiny, finding happiness, fulfillment and peace in life? If that is not it, then what is the point? What I mean is, the point of life is to become fulfilled, at peace, and happy, endlessly so. And not in a mediocre way, but really truly happy, for that is what we are meant for, to exist in a way that is endlessly satisfying, and being grateful to be alive, to partake of it all. Destiny is finding the thing or things that make us happy; it is about being happy. It is about living as we are meant to, which in itself is the one and only way we can truly be happy.

So let's say you feel like you are doing okay in this department, no complaints, no what ifs, but pretty darn okay, but if you ask yourself, is it what I am doing today what I am meant for? If not, if happiness feels conditional, then perhaps what you need to look at is right now. Because right now is your destiny. Destiny is not about your future. Destiny is your life right now. Finding your destiny is not always about finding that road we are meant to walk down. It is about how we are living our life today. Are we happy? That is the biggest and most important question to ask, for when we are happy, peace follows. When we are happy, we do feel fulfilled; we are not wanting nor waiting. So instead of thinking about destiny as what is to come, think instead of now and what is. This life you are living today, what makes you happy and what doesn't? What fulfills you, and what leaves you feeling empty and wanting. What part of your life feeds you and makes you feel alive. This is what makes you happy and brings you joy, the parts of life that lift you up, not pull you down. This is your destiny speaking to you because this is what connects to you.

The essence of you is connecting to what you fundamentally need in life. It is your calling, your destiny, for it is what feels right to you and makes life fun. Now we think we can't all do what makes us happy. For some reason we assume that life is hard work, that we must struggle and try. But what are we trying for? Happiness essentially, in the end, is all of our goals. However we are trying to attain it, we are all trying to be happy. So if this is the major goal in life, why then do we settle for something else? Because we think this is how it has to be, or because we have given up and settled on what is available. If we are not really living our life, then we are waiting for it to begin. Either way, when you look at it, life being lived in an unhappy state is not really worth living, at least it could be better, and we all know that. And yet we do not always try to find what it is that could change it, what we could do to fulfill ourselves and become this happy person we all want to be. Now why this doesn't happen is not important; what is important is realizing we can make the choice to be happy and find ourselves living a happy life.

First, we must listen to ourselves, for what makes us happy is not the same as someone else. Each of us is an individual with certain desires, traits, and needs to feel fulfilled and happy. So we usually know what makes us happy, what feeds us, and what makes us feel alive. Moments that speak to us, that excite us, and lift us up, this is destiny. That is our road calling to us to jump on it and take part in it in a much deeper way. Usually we only skim the surface of what could be, we settle once again and go back to what was because we think that is life and we grudgingly abide. But life is open, there is a choice in how we live it. If we do not partake of all that makes us happy, then we are settling and wasting our life. Look at it this way, if you could choose between being happy and content or unsatisfied and miserable, which would it be? Seems obvious doesn't it? Then tell me why do so many people choose the latter? Is it because we fear being happy and really going for it, or is it our perception of how life must be?

Some of us are raised to assume life must be hard, full of work, and days that drag us down, that we must fight life to live it. But this is not so, perception alters our reality. How we see life becomes it. If we own life and make it so that all moments have the variety and necessity of happiness attuned to it, then that is how it will be. If we expect happiness, strive for it in the way that we fulfill ourselves by what makes us happy, then life becomes enjoyable and not a struggle. How we see life and what we do, what direction we take everyday, our choices change our reality and have the possibility to make us happy. When we listen to ourselves and try to feed ourselves by connecting to what makes us happy, then we become so. Let's say you know one thing that always makes you feel good, that when you do it your spirit rises because it is just feels right. That one thing can be everything; it could be what you do. It could be what you do more often. It could help you realize the choices you could be making instead of what you are doing now. It could be your destiny calling to you. It could lead you to other even more fulfilling things you hadn't even seen as possibilities. Life is calling out to us to live it, not just be in it. We can change everything or just one thing, but we can change. We can lead more fulfilling and therefore happier lives everyday by listening to what we like, what makes us happy, and doing it daily. In big and small ways, the more we try, the happier we become, and the more rewarding life is. Yes, destiny is about finding what you are meant for, but it is also about making yourself ridiculously happy. For isn't that what life's goal should really be?

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