Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is the feeling or idea that moves us forward and carries us in a direction that we are meant to go in. When we are open enough to see and feel this, then we can live our life in way that we are destined to. When our minds are closed, we do not see what is most important or valuable for us to experience. When our hearts are closed, we do not feel what matters most or sense the beginning of what is to be. When inspiration is felt, it is like a marker on your path leading you to your destiny. It is a feeling that shows you what you need to see. It is an overwhelming feeling and understanding that helps lead you on your path in life.

Finding inspiration happens when you are open enough to feel, see, and hear it when it comes. Inspiration comes in many ways; it is not only an idea you may have, but a feeling. It may be how you see something in a new way. It could be what others say, but it resonates with you strongly. When you are open, inspiration provides guidance in your own life. How can you be open enough so that you do not miss the signs or the feelings? First, one must be clear, grounded, and aware. If we are lost in our thoughts, then we will not be open. If we are overwhelmed by our emotions, then we will not feel inspiration when it comes. If we are too distracted, we cannot feel, see, or hear whatever may arise.

Inspiration comes in many ways and at many times. If we use our inspiration to guide ourselves, we will be living the life we are destined for and find the happiness we deserve. If we follow our inspiration, we can come to the place where we are meant to exist in. Finding it is only about being open enough to receive your inspiration when it comes. By being present and aware in your life, you will see, hear, or feel what you need to. Never overlook moments when you sense something strong in yourself. Never disregard a feeling or thought, for it could be important to you. If something feels strong, let yourself feel it; be with it until it makes sense.

Be aware of your feelings and thoughts. Be present with yourself and what is going on around you. Do not miss life or the guidance you could receive. Sometimes we overlook our feelings, thoughts, or ideas because we are too distracted by other things. Being present also means to be present within yourself. Be present and engaged with how you feel, see, and think in the moment you are in. Inspiration is all around us. We are meant to exist in a certain way and if we are open; the signs are everywhere. If we miss something, we will think of it or feel it again. When you are open, aware, and present in your own life, inspiration will find you.

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