Finding Meaning In Your Life

During our lifetime, we search for what is real, for some profound reason for our existence. And what is it? What is it that makes our existence meaningful? We may think the reason we are here is to perform some role we have found ourselves in, that of mother, father, caregiver, provider, or whatever title we have bestowed upon ourselves to give our lives meaning. However, it doesn’t stop there, for not only do we perform certain duties that make us who we are, but we are more than that. We are not just a piece that fits into a puzzle and makes everything else work. It is not just about finding our place in life that gives it meaning.

We look to certain moments and roles because they feel important and we like to identify ourselves by that. We like to believe we have a purpose and are important in someone else’s life, or that others at least see us this way. But for us, for who we are and our life, where is the true meaning we are looking for? If you took away your roles in life, let go of your identity, and looked only at yourself, what would you see and how do you feel about your life? Imagine not what you think your life means or what others think of you, but only how you really feel about your life. Erase all the details that you believe identifies you and only look at who you really are and the life you have. Try not to create reasons for yourself about why your life is the way it is or what it means to others. Look at yourself as if you were seeing yourself for the first time.

What would you see if you knew nothing about yourself, if you didn’t know what you do, how you live, who you are? Because life is not about what you gain, what you’ve done, who depends on you, or what you have. In reality, that is only what is on the outside and what occurs in our lives; it is not us. It is not who we really are. By looking at yourself from an outside point of view without any knowledge of your existence, what would you see? Are you living the life that is meant for you; are you happy and content with your existence? Do you rely on outside sources of attention to give you importance? Do you need others to see you and think of you in a certain way so you can feel like you have a purpose? Meaning in our lives comes not from others, but from ourselves. If everything we believed in or had disappeared, would we still feel like we were meaningful and that our life had purpose? If we can let go of the illusion with which we identify ourselves by, we can really see if our life has purpose.

Our purpose is us doing exactly what we are meant to do; it is not someone else’s idea or what someone else approves of because our life is only about us, not someone else. If your calling fits with what you are doing, then you are happy, content, and are not looking for meaning or purpose in your life. If you feel lost, wondering when life gets to be what it is supposed to be, then look at your life from another vantage point. What about your life feels empty, no longer necessary, or without true meaning? Discontinue this path if possible; venture down a new road that leads you towards the purpose you desire. We make the meaning occur in our lives when we are not afraid to try what we desire. When we stretch ourselves out of our roles we identify ourselves by and seek what is really us, that is when we find ourselves living the life we are meant to. Be objective and look at your life more closely. What could you do without; what is holding you back from living the life you are meant to live? How do you know when you are living the life meant for you? You will know when you are happy, at ease, content, and excited about your future and are no longer looking for meaning or a purpose.

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