Finding Peace Right Now

Finding peace is about letting go; it is about releasing the struggle against life and finding acceptance. Peace is not something that is unobtainable or even something to work at. It is not about balancing your life with that of what you want or need. Peace is within us and it strengthens our way of being; it is at our center and present within us. Peace lies within us; it is not on the outside. Again, it is not something to be uncovered, meditated on, or controlled by thought or emotions.

Peace is a way of being that is already there. We do not need things to be a certain way to have it, for it is already there. How do you feel it then when it seems like it doesn't exist within you? We believe it doesn't exist in us; therefore, we do not feel it. It is letting ourselves understand that it is present if we want it, that it is already at our center, and it is available for us that brings it to the forefront. Once we let the struggle of attaining it go, it is there.

Peace is a way of being and a feeling. It is about being open, clear, present, and without judgment or struggle. It is the pure acceptance of what is. Touching the peace within yourself helps you gain the confidence to let go and accept. You can be at peace and open in your life if you believe you can be, if you see it as a possible and available right now. Not further down the road when things are just so, but right now. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, know that peace is within you at all times. We forget this and let it go; we let the peace that is already a part of our lives slip away. We get lost amongst other things and think that we cannot find peace again.

Peace is always there no matter your situation. Remember, peace is within you and is not based on your outside circumstances. Believe it is there and let yourself feel it. Open up to what peace means to you right now. How would you feel? How would you see your life and the world around you? Would you be accepting of all moments, present and open? Would you see the struggle in life as unnecessary and any judgment you had as false? By feeling and understanding what peace is and believing, it is there. You do not need to wait for it or find it; simply know it is there within you right now.

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