Finding Peace Without Struggle

We would all like to live peaceful lives free of struggle and hardship; yet we often find ourselves without either because peace is tied to the release of struggle. When we cease to exist from a place that sees life as a struggle, we are living more peacefully. Our lives are a mirror of our perceptions. How we relate and see the world around us has a lot to do with how we feel. If we see the moment we are in as hard, then it will feel that way. If we manage to always look to the future as something to struggle against, then we will. If it were possible to see life as an open book, free of constraints or ideas, perhaps we could relate to life more freely.

How we see our life controls its effects upon us. If we see life as open, free, and changeable, then we will experience this. If we see life as full of struggle, hardship and repetition, then we will experience this instead. Perception plays with our emotions and sense of well-being in how we relate to life. Peace comes from letting go of the idea that you must struggle against life and all that it is.

What life represents to you has a lot to do with what you think of life. If we see life as a challenge and constantly look for the next moment to struggle against, we will not find peace. Or we could see life as an open book that is yet to be discovered and have no perceptions of its outcome. Life can feel free or it can feel hard. You can take the same moment and experience either of these emotions; it is all in how you look at it.

You can find peace inside of you and in every moment. You do not need something to change or be different for this is seeing achieving peace as a struggle. If you can see life as open and look not for struggle, but instead look for peace within, you will find it. Peace is already there; it is just waiting for you to turn the page and accept this reality as opposed to the one you have been living with.

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