Finding True Love

True love exists for all of us because there is someone out there destined for each one of us. We can believe this and hope for this, but still in the back of our minds not truly believe it could happen for us. When we do this, we are closing a part of ourselves off from what could happen. If one were to settle for someone based on the idea that they were good enough or the best option so far, then we are not being fair to them or to ourselves. For our destined other exists, we just haven’t found them yet. If we keep ourselves closed off in a relationship that isn’t right for us, then we will never find our true love.

If we are open, accepting, and truly looking, then love will find us. Being open to the possibility and reaching out is important, for finding anyone, especially your true love, cannot happen if your circle of acquaintances always stays the same. You must reach out and lengthen your grasp on your community. Do not be afraid. In fact, trust that by doing so you are making a new path for yourself.

If you believe your only option for love exists in the circle you know, then you may be limiting yourself. Benefit from reaching out; seek change and openness in your life. Create the space where a new person could walk into your life. This doesn’t mean change everything in your life; it just means create an opening. Go to new places, try new things, and believe in yourself when you step out into new possibilities. When we dare to live our life openly, it becomes what we need.

We are meant to exist with a soul mate, with someone who balances our life in a new and fundamental way. If we are holding onto a set pattern in our life, we may never see the other possibilities out there, the possibilities for our own life as well as the people we could meet. Change your habits, find new choices and options for activities, and just simply be more open when it comes to others. How we choose to interact with strangers, neighbors, or acquaintances could change everything. The more open and trusting you are in life and with others, the more space you create for change and possibilities to happen. Think of it as opening a box and letting the world in. View your life as a new beginning, with options and change everywhere. Let yourself reach out and be part of the world in a new way. Be brave, for you could meet your true love the next time you reach out and try.

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