Finding Your True Self

We are all looking in some way to know who we really are. When we feel lost in our life, it is because we are not connected to our true self, for our true self understands our life completely. When we feel confused, we are not existing as our true self. When we are caught up in things that do not matter, we are not existing as our true form. Any emotional drama comes from us not being who we really are. Any thought process that distracts us, worries us, or pulls us away from life is not a thought process from our true self, for who we really are underneath all of this is someone that is at ease in life, that welcomes everything, and understands who we are.

How does one go about realizing their true self; how does one become aware of who they are? What is important to remember about finding your true self is that you cannot decide who you are or form yourself into a certain way of being. You cannot control who you are. As soon as one does this, we are not being true to who we are. In fact, this is what takes us away from our true self. It is the ideas, the control, and the identity we have created that contributes to the separation from our true self. If we allow ourselves to be as we really are, there is no trying, no confusion, or lack of understanding about ourselves or life. Our true form, who we really are, is complete in ways beyond our imagination. If we could connect and live from this place, then we would not know hardships, emotional blocks, or distracting thoughts, for we would always be present as our true self.

Finding your true self is about letting yourself be as you are. It is about letting go of the way you think you should be; it is about letting go of your identity and the struggle behind it. Imagine living freely as you are with nothing in the way. How would it feel to not identify yourself by anything at all? It is like taking a mask off that you have created over time and made into yourself; taking away the mask that represents your ideas of self, so that you can be present as you are meant to be. Imagine that you are letting everything fade away, including how you imagined yourself to be or who you think you should be, for these are only ideas.

All ways of interpreting ourselves fall away and we allow ourselves to come into being by no longer controlling who we are. We can exist without an identity. We can live free of the act of conforming to our own ideas by being aware that we do this. Everyone on some level contributes to their own loss of their true self. As soon as we imagine we are different than who we really are, we have decided and changed on some level. We create unclear thought processes and emotional blocks within ourselves by pulling away from our true self. By doing this, we are inhibiting our own personal growth. Being our true self allows us to be open, to change, and to become everything we are meant to be in this life.

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