Finding Yourself

Sometimes in life we may feel lost. It as if we have abandoned the real us somewhere in our past, that we have overlooked who we really are and forgot ourselves as we went on with our lives. We may think back to our younger years, to how we thought, acted, and dreamed, and feel we have lost what we once were. But our true self is always there; it never goes away or is lost. We have just forgotten who we really are. Our true self is always with us and was never left behind. We simply have forgotten to look deep enough to see ourselves because tend to stay on the surface of our busy lives. But is who we are ever less important than the life we are leading?

When we forget who we are, we are not living our true life, but an idea of it. How does one find this person we have overlooked and forgotten or never knew? Your true self, the person you are meant to be, is available to you right now. The easiest method to uncover who you are is to let go of the identity of who you think you are, for this often gets in the way as it isn’t real. Our idea of who we are is an image we have created of ourselves. If you feel lost inside, it is because you are not connected to who you really are. If you feel empty or as if you are floating along in life, then you can connect to your true self.

Finding yourself is about emptying out the ideas, the foundation of who you think you are, so that you can reside in life as you really are. We already exist as we are meant to; it is just that we have added too much over the real us. It is like we are building ourselves up layer by layer until we are buried under the weight of it and have lost touch with who we really are. You can find your true self by letting go of who you think you are, for they are only ideas. Our thoughts manage us in ways we aren’t capable of realizing most of the time. We do not need to be managed, or created, or mapped, for our true self is pure, complete, and accessible now. Layer by layer let go of your ideas of how you must be, act, behave, and feel. Let it all flow away so that what is underneath, the real you, can come out. You are wiping the slate clean so that what is underneath can rise up and connect with you.

Who you really are is complete and there is no trying in order to be you. There is no figuring out who you are because there is no managing of oneself to enable you to be you. Let go of any thought process here except for the letting go of thoughts. Let your mind empty and let you become you. All the things people have said about you or told you was held onto on some level and accepted as true. It became fact and was processed in such a way that it evolved into you. If you ever told yourself you were a certain way, you have held onto this as well. You have conformed yourself into behaving as such and never let go. Our ideas of self can become fixed and often unchangeable. But underneath all of these set programs of self lies a person who has changed and who is real. By letting go of these ideas, you are transforming not only into your true self, but into the person you have grown into. You have transformed over the years and changed underneath your ideas of who you are. Let yourself feel who you are without thinking. Let yourself be who you are; do not judge or try to fix yourself. Let yourself be in such a way that there is nothing else. We do not need to transform ourselves ever, for when we do, we are not being who we really are. You are perfect just as you are, when you are being you. You can find yourself by letting go of who you think you are or who you think you must be.

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