Finding Yourself Inside Of A Relationship

Sometimes when we are with someone, we may find it hard to grow and expand who we are and who we wish to become. We find ourselves constrained by the role we play or how the other person sees us. Know that growth can happen simultaneously while you are together and apart from each other. You do not necessarily need space in order to become your true self, in order to change and grow. We may think we are trapped in a cycle of repetition because of this other person. But the truth lies in our own behavior, not in the other person’s behavior. When we change, which we do on a constant basis, our role is revised and how we are related to adjusts. We cannot wait under the pretense of covering ourselves up with the idea that we are locked into something because of a relationship.

Growth happens constantly, and true personal growth elevates us to a new level, which our partner can see and perhaps even join in. Did you ever think that perhaps you would lead the expansion for the both of you, that it could happen when you are together and not apart? If your partner is not adaptable or resists your changes, it is completely possible that they just need a little more time.

Finding yourself and growth can happen anytime, anywhere, with or without companionship. Who you are is you alone; to base yourself on another person is fundamentally flawed, for no other person knows you as well as you do. Seek who you are from within and watch yourself grow throughout. Your companion may see your changes as valuable and enlightened, feel your success and in part, wish to do the same thing.

Do not fear growth or all of its possibilities. Finding yourself inside of a relationship is even more valuable when you realize that sometimes we tend to lose ourselves inside of them. Be strong and know that you are capable of growth at all times. Become and know who you are. Let yourself be the leader, and watch how your relationship unfolds and grows in a new way because you took the first step.

Do not apply pressure for the other to change, for true change takes place when we as individuals decide to do so. When we are allowed to grow at our own pace, success is far more possible and prominent in our lives. So again, believe that you can find yourself and grow within a relationship. Know it can help both of you and be present with your other’s needs. Give them time to try it as well, so that both of you may become all that you are meant to be.

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