Freedom From Stress and Worry

We all know what it is like to feel stressed or worried about something; we feel heavy, bothered, and unable to concentrate or be in the moment. Stress takes us away from being centered and aware. Worry pulls us away from the moment; so much so that we cannot be present at all. Both of these are often intertwined because they are based on the same issue. If you tend to worry about the future or what might be, it is because you are afraid that you won’t be able to control it. Control over life does not exist. Stress is related to control as well, for when we feel we have lost control, we begin to stress out about it. We cannot control our lives, others, the world, or anything at all, and stress is a reaction to this loss of control. Worry is fearing what we cannot control in the future. If we let go of the idea that we could control life, we would be without these two symptoms.

If we could accept life, ourselves, our world, and whatever the future may be, then stress and worry would fall away. You worry about the future because you think you may not be able to control it. We stress out in the present over the lack of control we have over our lives, others, and everything else. Can you imagine being at ease and accepting whatever is happening? Can you begin to feel what your world would be like if you could live without stress or worry always bombarding the possibility of a peaceful existence? By accepting one has no control over life, we let go of the need to be in control. Control is not necessary because it is impossible. We try because we fear that on some level life won’t be what we want. But our expectations of life are often wrong. How many times have your worries about the future happened? How often has stress within yourself helped you? How often have you tried to control something and it didn’t work?

There is no control in life because life doesn’t work only by our means. Life is larger than we are. Life is connected to more than one person. And if we were all successful at controlling our little worlds, how would the world interrelate with each other? How would life coexist if each of us was in control of everything? Life would be beyond chaos and would not be as interconnected as it is now. We would all be living in separation and fear if we managed to control everything. Imagine that if everything was as you wished and every other person was doing the same. What would the world be like? Would it work; could it co-exist? Now again, imagine being part of life, allowing it to be as it is, accepting it completely, and others doing the same. Imagine the unity, the peace, the happiness that would overflow if the world was full of acceptance and not struggle.

See yourself letting the acceptance of life be a part of you. Imagine no longer feeling worried when you think of the future, but instead feeling open, unafraid, and clear. Imagine no longer feeling stressed because you couldn’t control what was happening in your life. Wouldn’t it be easier to be open and accepting instead? Peace in life comes from acceptance and letting go of the struggle we have with control. We would flow with everything around us as we were meant to and be connected to everything. Acceptance is the step that brings us closer to living as we are meant to. Accept life, yourself, and the world around you, and stress and worry will be no more. Stress will be gone because you will no longer have the need or desire to change or alter what is. Worry will dissolve because fear of what might be will change to acceptance of whatever is. Be open, clear, and accepting of life, and feel what it is like to be part of it instead of struggling against it.

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