Gaining Clarity On Life

Approaching life differently and from another perspective can change how you live, experience life, and how you feel. How we see the world not only affects how we interpret what happens around us, but it changes what we experience. When we are clear enough to see the truth of what is happening around us, life becomes much easier. It is when we are immersed in our thoughts or emotions that we tend to interpret the reality of life differently. In our mind, we change what occurs around us because of how we feel or think we are experiencing it. We alter reality to fit in with our emotions or thoughts. We do this constantly. We change our memories of our past to fit with how we are feeling or thinking right now. We even alter what we are experiencing now to fit in with how we are feeling or thinking. We change the idea of our future based on our fears or how we think it should be.

We are constantly changing reality because it needs to fit how we feel at the moment or fit what we are thinking. Imagine reality as a ball that we can spin until we find the right spot that reflects our emotional or mental state. We choose the spot in reality that fits us the best, keep it there, and then continue on with life. But reality isn’t a choice, except how we choose to see it. We control our perception of reality so that we can feel okay and be in control.

We can of course let go of this process and free ourselves up so that we can see life clearly for what it really is. How do we do this? We have to come to terms with what is stopping us from experiencing life as it really is. A lot of people do this for so many different reasons. We even alter our experience with others to fit in with what we want to have experienced. We change the moment we are in to fit in with our idea of what it should be. We control how we are and what is happening around us so that we can feel safe, at ease, and comfortable with all that is really going on. What do you fear might happen if you let go of the control? What do you think you would see if you had no control whatsoever over anything that was happening? What would you perceive if you were not emotionally tied to the outcome? If you had no thoughts pertaining to any event, how would you experience it? What patterns do you keep seeing or experiencing in life and where did they start? We often recreate patterns and events in our lives because we are stuck with them. We relate to the world from past experiences because we are afraid to move on and let them go.

How we perceive our present and our future has a lot to do with what we have already experienced in our lives. Clarity in the moment comes when you release and let go of the emotional ties and the mental images that you create over reality to fit in with your ideas of the moment. When you release your method of interpretation, you can begin to be where you really are, without altering it in some way. Free yourself up by letting go of your past. Are you bringing up something from your past and changing how you see the present? Are you projecting an experience into your future that is changing how you are experiencing life now?

Becoming clear happens when you no longer hold onto patterns, habits, or ways of interpreting the present based on emotional or mental reasons. We can be present and completely clear. We can experience what is really happening around us, without altering it in some way, by being aware of ourselves. Test yourself to see if you are being honest with what is really happening. Are you trying to change it in some way so that you can feel better? Ask yourself if you are relating to now or to another point in time. Are you really seeing reality for what it is? Be present with your perception of what is happening and you will continually gain clarity by doing so.

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