Gaining Prosperity

Prosperity in life comes from doing what we love and from the happiness we gain by doing it. When we live our lives seeking joy, love, and happiness, prosperity will follow, for we are living our destiny. If our only goal is to gain wealth, what kind of life are we living? Are we happy or are we always seeking happiness? When we live our lives solely in the quest for riches, do we believe that this will bring us happiness?

If one were to seek happiness first, then prosperity would follow and we would be more successful in the end. By reaching first for our dreams and happiness, we would feel prosperous without trying to balance out our unhappiness with money. The wealth would not be needed to make us happy or content because we already were and thus could enjoy the money we had.

Prosperity can mean two things; you can see it as wealth and affluence or you can view prosperity as the abundance of happiness within your own life. Happiness gives you the ability to live with abundance and to engage in life. If you were to ask the wealthiest people how happy they felt on a scale of one to ten, what do you think they would say? Could they see themselves being happier if they had more money? Can you imagine what it would be like to reach a state of complete wealth and then to feel let down by the emptiness inside of you because you lacked the ability to enjoy it? If we deem money as our only way to happiness, then we will never gain what we seek. If we seek happiness first, then whatever wealth we attain will only bring us more joy.

We can gain happiness and wealth by first going for what makes us happy. You can have both if you direct your life towards personal joy. Do not forsake your happiness so that you can gain something else. We choose how to live; make the choice that will bring you the most prosperous life you can imagine. Choose happiness, joy, and abundance in your life and the prosperity you seek will be fulfilled. This will bring you even more happiness than the richest person who is always seeking more wealth to make them happy.

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