Healing Your Heart

When we feel hurt or are emotionally damaged, the first thing to go is the openness in our heart. We close ourselves off to the outside world and to any more hurt that could come to us. We do this in order to feel safe, and are further comforted by the fact that we can’t be hurt anymore. But by doing this, we are no longer engaging in what makes us and our heart happy. We no longer let ourselves feel the love that could be there. We are only reminding ourselves of the hurt in our past.

By closing our heart, we are closing our future happiness. We are shutting down the emotional growth that should be taking place. Instead, we are existing only in the moment that hurt us. We are replaying the pain to justify our heart feeling closed off.

Our heart lives on forgiveness, compassion, and love. We are not giving ourselves this when we turn off our heart. Emotional pain is hard to overcome and to let go of, but this is the only way we can feel safe enough to open up again. Once we forgive and let go, our heart has healed and is once again as open as it should be. Our hearts love to engage and to be involved in our life. Our happiness is tied to our hearts, and our emotional sense of peace comes from there as well. As long as our hearts are shut down, we can not feel what is important for us to feel. Love moves and changes us, and when we do not let it flow, we cannot engage in it.

By letting go of the past and the pain we experienced, we can begin to feel what is happening now in our lives and really involve our hearts in the joy that is our life. As long as our hearts are closed, we can not experience the feelings our hearts crave; we are only feeling the pain from the past. To heal your heart and open it up, one must first forgive and let go. Your heart desires this, and in fact is exceptionally capable of this feat because this is one of its strongest features. Let your heart do what it does best--love, forgive, let go, and feel everything there is to feel. Let your heart heal by letting it be open again. Let yourself feel the love and let the pain of the past dissolve into your past.

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