How and Why To Be Free Of Sadness

Sadness is a heavy feeling, one that can hold us down in life. When we are living from a place of sadness, it is hard to understand how to let go it go and be free, for all we see and feel is the sadness within, which is why so many people live with it for so long. Sadness overwhelms and overtakes our life, and we forget that we can live a life being happy, content, and satisfied. We feel like the sadness is the only option and it is how we must live.

Many people see sadness as something they are stuck with because it is so overwhelming. Sadness can overtake you or you can overcome it. Sadness is only a feeling, and at any point we can choose to be without it. This is what we forget, that we are choosing sadness over happiness. Life at any point can change and be different. It is the idea that we are stuck and cannot change that keeps us locked into a certain way of being. We are stuck feeling sad because we identifying ourselves as being sad. As soon as we chose to let go, we can. When we believe we are not stuck, we can feel the change. There is no obstacle other than choosing to let go.

We do not have to rework the source of one’s sadness, for that is dwelling even more so on it. What we need to do is to look forward into our life and not behind into the past, for behind us is a life we have already spent living in a state of sadness, and we no longer need to experience it. We need to live our life today and for the future, free of sadness. Choose to let go of the feeling and the idea that you are stuck with it. Give it no more power than it deserves, for it is a feeling you are holding onto and nothing more. It is like saying I am green and forever will be; I cannot change or be anything else.

Do not believe that because you were sad once, you will forever be. If we choose to identify ourselves as one way, we will always continue to be so. One can choose to let go of anything; we all have this power over our life. We can control the state we exist in because we are in charge of how we think and feel. When we believe we are not in charge, we get stuck and do not change. Let yourself let go of sadness because you can, and live the life you are meant to live.

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