How To Accept Life

When we are open to what is happening around us, we have no constraints and feel lighter in the reality with which we are living in. When we fully accept what is happening around us and the constant changes occurring within ourselves, we are giving ourselves over to life. We are no longer fighting, resisting, or withholding ourselves from it. Pure acceptance allows us to evolve and move forward into a higher form of growth. We cannot excel any further from where we are until we accept what, where, and how we are in the moment. Any resistance at all anchors us to the moment we are in and disables our transition into what could or will be. If you resist, you are stopping the flow of movement. When you resist nothing, you are able to proceed without any form of constraint.

Acceptance in life plays such a large role in our happiness. Very few of us realize how little we accept life. From large moments down to the very small details of life, we may struggle with our lack of acceptance. Life is full of alterations, changes, and processes that we can be a part of or resist. When we let go, when we truly accept what the world is, we enable our flow through life on a higher level. Those that resist find themselves not only creating problems and hating life, but also struggling endlessly. You can set two people down into the same moment, with the same feelings, thoughts, and patterns, but only switch one thing, how they accept what is happening in all stages at that moment. The one that resists nothing will easily flow with the moment. The other, who fights or resists the same moment, will find it extremely hard to exist in. The one who chooses the path of least resistance, the path of acceptance, will move forward quickly, transcending the moment into a space that is open, free, and easy.

Look at how often you disagree with what is happening in your life. Imagine how many times you decide what is good, bad, or unacceptable. How often do you judge yourself in this way with your feelings or your thoughts? How many times do you look at something as not good enough, wishing it would change or resisting it in some way? If you took even just one of those moments and switched into a state of acceptance, how would you have felt? When you release the fight over what you believe is right or wrong, you enable yourself to be at peace with what is really happening. How we feel or think about something affects how we are and how we live. When we wish something would change, it doesn't make it happen; it only stops our progress forward. We cannot dig our heels into life and proclaim no, for that judgment only makes us unhappy and changes nothing.

When we accept, we flow over those moments much more easily; we release the tension we would otherwise create. For every moment you resist, you can instead accept and transcend that reaction of resistance that has become normal. You can create a new level of tolerance within yourself, where you accept everything instead of fighting and resisting so many parts of your life. Moments flow from one to the other with balance and continuity and no hesitancy. Life will feel easier because acceptance has become a part of your life.

Simply by viewing life as something that is no longer hard, something that is not against you, ends the fight you could create with it. Seeing the world around you as something you can be with, not separate from, helps you to transcend to a new level of consciousness and awareness. Acceptance is also an extremely important part of how we look at ourselves. By accepting ourselves, we free ourselves and allow ourselves to truly grow and change, instead of fighting parts of ourselves in an endless battle throughout our lives. Acceptance means allowing yourself to become one with everything, no longer keeping yourself separate or judging what is. We can live in a more balanced way by being accepting and open to life, as opposed to resisting or struggling against it.

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