How To Achieve Personal Growth

When we become more aware of who we are, we are achieving personal growth. When we ignore our issues or try not to look at ourselves, our behaviors, or our patterns, we are limiting our personal growth. When we overlook who we are, what we have become, and all that may be holding us back, we are living a life that is stuck, for to grow and change and to become aware of ourselves and the world around us is a fundamental part of our existence. When we are our true self, we are living not only the life we are destined for, but we are happier, at ease, and at peace with the world around us.

Personal growth means letting go and changing old behaviors so that who you are is the real you. It is letting go of the issues you may have in your own life so that you are free to be what you are with nothing holding you back. We all tend to think that our issues are something we are stuck with. How we are is who we are. We believe that whatever our problems are, they will always be ours. But this is not true because if anything is in the way of your happiness, it is you. Nothing is unchangeable; nothing is permanent unless we choose it to be. Personal growth is about letting go of who you think you are so that you can be the real you.

We build up ideas of who we are and believe that they are our identity. We can be ourselves without issues, problems, or even an identity. It is when we let go of all that we think we are that we can be who we truly are. Letting go is what helps us exist in a natural evolving state. We need to let go of all continually and never replace who we are with who we think we should be, for we cannot plan our identity either. We cannot control who we are; we can only let go of what we are not. Achieving personal growth is about letting go of everything you are not so that who you are underneath is free to exist with nothing in the way.

Create your own awareness by realizing how you may see yourself is keeping you locked into a certain existence. Become aware of all that you do. Is it controlled by your belief in how you should react or respond to life? Be aware of your emotions and feelings. Are they truly related to what is real or are they a response manufactured by your identity? We create identities in order to facilitate our responses, our actions, and our thoughts in our life. We engineer a way of being we think reflects our true self, but if we are not at peace or happy, then we are not our real self.

When we are our true self, we are not at odds with how we are. Free yourself by letting go of what you think you are and how you should be. Do not replace your ideas with anything else; instead, just be. Imagine lifting a layer away so that your past self is replaced by your true self. Have no ideas of what this may be and let yourself just exist. Try not to control your behavior; try not to imagine who you are, for that is a process of creating an identity again. When we achieve our true self, we are open, free, aware, and at peace. We are as we are meant to be when we let go of what we are not.

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