How To Be Centered and Grounded

Often in life we are distant from ourselves and are easily overwhelmed. We look at life as an obstacle or something to be taken on, and it all feels harder than it should be. Everything we experience in life could be different if we were centered and grounded. How we see the world would be different because we wouldn’t be imagining it to be worse or harder than it really is. How we feel during the day could be easier if we were grounded within and not emotionally unstable. How we interact with the world and the people around us would be from a true and realistic place because we were centered.

Being centered and grounded enables you to live life in a way that flows with everything. Being uncentered causes you to struggle and fight against life. Being ungrounded makes us experience our emotions in a stronger and more negative way, when we could be experiencing a softer version. Being uncentered also triggers our mind to work overtime, exerting energy and ideas onto matters that we then blow out of proportion. When we are grounded, our mind sees the truth, and our ideas or thoughts can stop interfering and making life harder than it needs to be. So in understanding why it helps to be centered, we need to understand how to keep oneself this way.

Being grounded can happen by staying aware of yourself, your habits, behaviors, and issues, being aware of yourself when you start to over react either emotionally or mentally to any situation. You can feel yourself getting worked up; we all can, and it is at this point that you re-center yourself and let the magnified reaction go. Being centered is the feeling that all is okay; you feel good and life is not a struggle. We create the struggle when we become unbalanced within. Life gives us moments that are harder, but they do not need to be struggled with or fought against. How we react is what creates the struggle and causes us to become unbalanced.

When you feel yourself leaning outwards by emotionally becoming overwhelmed or by mentally over-thinking an issue, you are becoming uncentered. All moments, whether truly hard or easy, can be lived in a balanced way. Being balanced is seeing and feeling the truth of the moment you are in. It is living in a way that is not in conflict with your surroundings. It is you going with what is happening and not fighting it, for the idea of fighting life is you being unbalanced. The feeling of you being overcharged and overreacting is you creating a struggle.

Life is like a river, and we can fight the current or we can let go and flow with ease. Living in centered way enables us to flow and to live a life that is easy. We can live either way, and in all moments choose which way to exist. The feeling or thought does not have to be dramatic. It can be as simple as feeling off or being distracted; that is being uncentered. When you are living in a grounded way, there is no confusion as to why you feel a certain way. When you are grounded, your thoughts are not carried away or not present with where you are. When you are aware, you know what it feels like to not be centered. By being aware, you can stay present with yourself and your emotions and thoughts. The awareness is what helps you to stay grounded. The more you are centered, the more obvious it is when you are not, and the easier it will become to always stay grounded.

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