How To Be Free Of Struggle

When we let go in life and stop resisting what is happening around us or even within us, we begin to be a part of life. What this means is that when we stop trying to control or be in charge of ourselves and our surroundings, we make it much easier on ourselves ; we let go of the battle we create with the world around us. Take for instance, the desire you may have to change, a part of you you wish to alter, is this realistic or are you fighting against yourself by thinking this way? If we are accepting of who we are and where we are in life, we will find that change happens naturally. Not the kind of change we can be in control of, but a natural evolution of self, a growth through the acceptance of ourselves. Simultaneously, if we are struggling against our environment, whether it is work, home, or life in general, we our battling something we cannot win.

Life itself is not a battle, and when we come to accept it for what it is, no matter the situation, it becomes easier. When we let go of how we perceive ourselves, who we are and what we think we are meant for, we become part of life instead of being separate from it. What this means is that by letting go of how we think we have to be or become, we let ourselves be our true self which is not the controlled, manipulated self we usually live as. Any time we are trying to be a certain way, we are not our true self. Any time we try to control our surroundings, we are not our true self; we are not living the happiest life possible. It is the giving up of our challenge with our identity that frees us up.

When we stop trying to control who we are, then life around us becomes okay as it is. It is a shame that so many of us live inside of struggle, whether it is with ourselves or with what surrounds us. When we step back and look at the big picture, at what life is, beyond the moment we are in, what do we see? Can we live our life without trying to control it? Can we live peacefully with whatever is happening around us or in us? Can we accept everything for what it is, and finally let go? If we can, we find the best part of life, we can live as our true selves without any hindrance or anything else in the way. The only true struggle in life is not living life as our true selves. We cannot control or make ourselves become our true selves, for we already are. There is no getting to it, no way to accomplish this task, other than letting go; letting go of who we think we are, of our identity, of the roll we think we play in life. We let this all go so that what is underneath, the real us, is present. We do this by eliminating the need to be something other than what we are, by letting go of the constant effort that is us trying to control ourselves, for our true self is complete. It does not need to be altered or changed in any way. We are not our true self when we are trying to be different than what we are. Any emotional upheaval is the cause of not living as our true self. Any unhappiness roots from a life lived incomplete because we are not connected to our true selves. Resistance in life, that struggle that seems so predominant, comes from seeing life from a viewpoint that is not from your true self.

Life is about letting go completely; letting yourself be your true self, from there all that surrounds you begins to feel easy, for your true self has no resistance to life, only acceptance. By accepting ourselves as we are and stepping back from the alterations we think we need to make, we allow our true form, who we really are, to come through. It may not seem easy, but by letting go, you are finding the easiest path in life. No one really wants to feel dissatisfied their whole life and this comes from not attaining that connection to your true self. Let go and believe that it is possible to attain and be your true self, already complete, without trying. The only thing you have to do is let go. Let go of the idea of what life has to be, who you should be, what may be against you or hard, and instead, let yourself relax into what is, accept it all no matter what, including yourself.

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