How To Be Free Of Your Past

Our past is our memory of what was; we hold it in our minds, in our bodies, and in our hearts. Our past seems infinitely real to us, as if it all occurred yesterday. We believe that our past is a makes up our identity; we believe that we are who we are today because of it. We believe that our past is what controls us. This is not so because as soon as we walk into the next moment and breathe our next breath, our past is gone. Our past is an illusion because we choose what we want to remember. We forget what we no longer deem important. We let go of what seems useless to us, but we remember what is necessary for us to function as we are. We believe the past is connected to us, that it gives us purpose or can stand in our way.

Our past is not an infinite store of memories to be processed, for we only remember what we choose to remember. Can you recall everything that has ever happened to you? Do you remember only moments that were either prominent in your life or that you deemed worthy of holding onto? Some of these memories may be healthy and positive. But others we may be condemning ourselves to remember and relive. Why choose, why forget, why hold onto anything? The past disappears as soon as we let it. We can choose to carry it with us always, as a way to remember what we have been through. Or we can look at where we are now and see ourselves in a new way. Letting go of your past, no matter what you remember of it, is vital to personal growth. This doesn’t mean forgetting everything; rather, it means letting go of what is holding you back so you can be you today.

We could continue to live with our restrictions, our behaviors, and our choices based on what we once were. Or we could be who we are today and see our past as something that no longer exists. It is when we believe our past is still with us that we have problems. Our past doesn’t need to disappear; so much as we need to let it go. For the truth of our existence is not based on what we once were, but who we are today. If there is something holding you back from being you today, it could be your past. When you choose to let go of your idea of who you have become because of your past, you are free to be the real you. By holding onto your past, you exist as you once were.

Our past is nothing more than days that have gone by. They no longer exist except in what we choose to carry in our hearts and minds. The moment that the past no longer exists, it can no longer exist within you as well. Letting go of your past can also be done by realizing you are no longer your past self. What you experienced in the past was experienced by a different you. You are no longer the same as you were then, just as the past is no longer there. Both your past and your past self disappear together. If we drag them both along, it is no wonder we cannot grow, heal, or be present in who we are today. What was and who we were are all tied together. By letting it all go and seeing it as something that has past, it will no longer hold you back. Envision what was as no longer. Envision that what you experienced was experienced by another self, for it was. You should allow yourself to be who you are today by letting the old you go. The past is not in the present, nor is your past self who you are today. Let them both go so that you represent all of what is true in you today.

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