How To Become Happy

We all want this, to feel happy and be content in life. What is it that is keeping us away from this feeling, from living this way? It is often our idea of what life is that alters the way we can be. What this means is that if we see life as one way, our life in particular, then this is the reality we create. If we see life as hard, then of course it will be so. But it goes much deeper than this, for how we see ourselves in this life predetermines how we will live it too. Do you see yourself as a happy person? Or do you find yourself questioning why you are not happy? Do you look at your life as unfulfilling, as hard, as something to work at? How do you see yourself? If we look closely at how we feel about ourselves, what do we see? Do we see a content person, someone at ease in life, or are we often not happy with how things are? It is the identity of self we engineer and thus live that we have to watch out for. For all of us are meant to be happy, and we have the opportunity at all times to be so.

What it comes down to is do you see yourself as a happy person? If you answer no, then there is your problem. For becoming happy is not about changing external things, far from it; it is about changing your identity, what you correlate as self. How you think you are is what you are. Stop imagining yourself as unhappy, stop assuming that life is hard for you, stop believing that your happiness relies on other things. Remember what it was like to be young, we required very little to be happy. We were happy most the time. Why, because we had not identified ourselves by anything yet. We were what we were; no ideas were controlling how we felt or saw the world. We just were. Therefore, whatever happened usually pleased us, and if it didn't, well, it didn't take long for us to let it go and move on. We quickly reverted back to a happy state. We didn't try to control our world because our happiness did not rely on outside sources. We were happy and content with what everything was, and most importantly we were happy with ourselves.

So let's take a closer look, what did we lose as we got older and why did we give it up? As a natural course of things. we stopped believing we could be happy with nothing, that our happiness didn't rely on anything else. We started to imagine that we needed something to be truly happy; we gave up on our happiness in this way. Once we gave it away, it sure was hard to get back because nothing will give us true happiness, no outside source has the ability to do this. This is where we went wrong, in believing that we could attain happiness again, like that of a child, by obtaining, acquiring, or reaching for it. If one thing could make us happy, wouldn't we all realize what it was and have obtained it. Wouldn't the world then be a truly happy place, everyone content and at ease with life? Because the world is not. This shows you that happiness is something we can't obtain, it is not something we can strive for or find. That is because it is already in you, there is no where to look.

Happiness comes from within. We allow it; we give it to ourselves. First, by believing we can be happy, that we do not need anything to be so. Second, by giving up the belief that we are an unhappy person, or at least having a hard time of it. Those two things get in the way, the idea that I am not usually happy, and that I have to get something first in order to be so. So by letting both those ideas go and truly accepting that your happiness is already there, whether you see it or not, leads to you feeling it again. We did not truly lose it as children. We just lost touch with it. So many of us as adults live our lives without it, without ever feeling truly happy, and yet we all seek it. Why else would we try so hard all our lives to find it. Whether we are trying through our careers, through our relationships, or other aspects of our lives, we are always trying. There is no trying, for it is already there. It is a matter of accepting that it can not be obtained, for it exists in us now. It is also a matter of believing that we can be happy, that we need nothing to make us so. We need to start identifying ourselves as happy and content individuals, for life shouldn't be about the pursuit of happiness, that is a long road to walk. Our journey should be about living the life we are meant to because we are happy.

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