How To Change and Let Go Of Old Patterns

We all know what it is like to feel stuck and unable to change. Even if it is something we wish we no longer did, it can seem hard to figure out why it happens and how one can let it go. We can struggle for ages with the same issue and view it as a problem within ourselves instead of seeing it as something we could let go of. Everything that we are is changeable and possible to let go of, especially when it is something we no longer like about ourselves.

There is a connection between the belief that your problem or pattern is just a part of you and will never change, for if one believes this, it will be true. Letting go of it comes from no longer seeing it as a part of you. It changes when you no longer identify yourself by this behavior or issue. We can constantly let go of who we think we are.

The feeling of something being old is a sign that it is not you. The feeling that you should be a different is probably a sign that you could be if you let go of what is holding you back. We can live our lives as we assume they are with the same old pattern or we can let our lives change and become better. There is never something we are stuck with, for habits, along with our behaviors, are our own choice. We have come to identify ourselves by our patterns and thus have made them real within us.

There was always a time when we were without the pattern and a time when we chose to be that way. Because it was a choice then, it is also in your hands to let it go. Do not believe that it must be hard or that you need to know how to let it go. Instead, look at yourself, at what feels wrong and at what feels right. What feels right is you and what doesn’t fit is no longer you. It is that simple and does not need to be any harder than this. Identify yourself by what is real and right within you, and no longer look at yourself as stuck with something you don’t like about yourself.

Allow yourself to change by believing you can. Let yourself become the real you by no longer thinking you are stuck with something that isn’t you. It comes down to believing and seeing the real you for what you are and no longer for what you aren’t. No longer identify yourself by your old habits and you will change.

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