How To Clear Your Mind

We need to find balance and an inner calm in order to be present and to deal with all moments. How do you do this, especially if you feel distracted and out of touch at the moment? It is in these moments where you can best learn to do this. If you feel overwhelmed, it is your mind that is overwhelming you, not the moment you are in. To center your mind, to clear it of all that is distracting you, you must first realize that all of this is engineered by you. You have created this feeling; you have made it possible for your mind to run away from you, to build up the moment to the point of feeling overwhelmed. All moments, no matter what they are, are possible to exist in, free of this overwhelmed state.

Again, you create the possibility to feel overwhelmed by allowing your mind to run away. There is no control of your mind needed here, no managing your thoughts to stay clear. In fact, it is the opposite that will bring your mind back to where it belongs. Imagine your mind is a horse trapped in a stall. Imagine letting it go, after being kept under fierce control. It would run, would it not? It would seek to expel its energy, to roam. The mind that is not caged or under control seeks no need to expel the moment and run away from it. A horse that is free to graze, contemplate, and roam freely will run occasionally, but is also content to just be. That is your mind. Your mind seeks use; it seeks understanding, but it does not seek the jumbled mess of being overwhelmed by your ideas, fears, worries, or thoughts. Its best state of contemplation is at when it is at ease, open, and free.

Your mind and you work best when the mind is empty of distraction, when it is allowed to roam freely from thought to thought. Imagine letting your mind focus on the moment, letting it take in what is happening, and not controlling it by having it focus on your fears and worries. When your mind is free to be, then the moment you are in also feels free. When you stop trying to control your thoughts, pushing your agendas, over-thinking your worries, your mind naturally flows with you. Your mind works with you, instead of against you, because you have let it go. By letting it go, by this I mean you allow your mind to roam freely in the moment you are in, you do not obsess over anything; you can simply be with your thoughts as they change and transition with you in the present. You do not try to control what you think about. Allow your mind to be with you in the present, give it freedom as well. A free mind transitions easily with all that is happening; it will not feel overwhelmed because it can adapt freely.

Let your mind go so that it can be with you. It is the opposite of forcing yourself to be present, for your mind always is. It can be as simple as letting go of the thoughts you are pushing your mind to focus on; it is letting go of the need to obsess over your ideas, fears, or worries. It is giving your mind room to be without direction or management. Just as you would rather see a horse free to roam, happily grazing, you would rather have a mind that is free to be open, accessible, and adaptable. Release your mind into the present with you by letting go of your need to be in control of it. Let your mind be open to what is happening around you. You will feel clearer and find it easier to understand, think, and adjust to the world around you.

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